THE Ultimate Step-By-Step Hifiman Headband Replacement Guide from OLDSTOCK Hifiman (HE-4/5LE/6/400/500) into the NEWSTOCK (HE-400i/560) !!!

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  1. BoyNamedSue
    Man, these he350s sound really good :).

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  2. FastAndClean
    i purchased he350 just in case something ugly happen to my he 500 headband, i love them that much
  3. Whitigir
    Luckily they don’t cost 6-7k because “they sound good”
  4. BoyNamedSue
    Haha. The he350s cost me 1% of the 6k susvara off ebay. Sound probably not too far behind. Weakest link was the drivers, just need to replace them and they sound totl :wink:.
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  5. PaulBeenisDerPapagei
    Is there a way to maybe put the old headband back on?
  6. ostewart
    HE-500 with newer style Hifiman headband (also no model number on this headband makes it more sleek). Whilst I was changing the cups over, I broke one of the SMC connectors, and I had some new ones but also some mono 3.5mm sockets and decided that they were a perfect fit so now they have 3.5mm sockets installed. Currently with HM5 angled pleather but they are lacking some sparkle so need to pad roll a little.

    Thanks for this guide, I made one of the holes a tiny bit too big so there was a little play, so what I did was put a ring of heatshrink on the tab of the headband and that tightened it up. Overall very happy, these cups are a little dented and far from cosmetically mint, but it doesn't matter when they sound this good :D

    IMG_20171202_103351-01.jpeg IMG_20171202_103405-01.jpeg
  7. hyperactiveaudiophile
    I would rather do the opposite: replace the fragile he-560 yoke with the ugly but unbreakable metal yoke .
  8. hyperactiveaudiophile
    Thanks for the detailed guide, it helps even if I change the yoke of he560.
  9. InsanityOne
    I just wanted to jump in here and say that if you aren't interested in doing all the drilling, soldering, etc. that is required for this mod. Why not just replace your original Hifiman headband with a brand new Audeze LCD2C headband? The swap requires only a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time! I recently did the swap on my Code-X. I can post more detailed information if anyone is interested.



  10. hyperactiveaudiophile
    Interesting! Was the headband sold as replacement part? What you put in to screw the band on? Thanks. I can do the soldering.
  11. InsanityOne
    You can buy the headband + full yoke replacement kit from Audeze for $165 total. It comes with everything you need to do the swap except the following:

    1. 4x 2.5mm washers
    2. 1x Small phillips head screwdriver
    3. 1x Small flat head screwdriver

    That's all you need!
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  12. hyperactiveaudiophile
    Thanks. I just placed an order for hd 560, will see.
  13. alphanumerix1
    Did u remove the number on the headband or did you purchase it like that.
  14. ostewart
    It came like that :)
  15. alphanumerix1
    Easiest way to remove the he400i logo?
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