THE Ultimate Step-By-Step Hifiman Headband Replacement Guide from OLDSTOCK Hifiman (HE-4/5LE/6/400/500) into the NEWSTOCK (HE-400i/560) !!!

  1. BoyNamedSue
    Man, these he350s sound really good :).

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  2. FastAndClean
    i purchased he350 just in case something ugly happen to my he 500 headband, i love them that much
  3. Whitigir
    Luckily they don’t cost 6-7k because “they sound good”
  4. BoyNamedSue
    Haha. The he350s cost me 1% of the 6k susvara off ebay. Sound probably not too far behind. Weakest link was the drivers, just need to replace them and they sound totl :wink:.
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  5. PaulBeenisDerPapagei
    Is there a way to maybe put the old headband back on?
  6. ostewart
    HE-500 with newer style Hifiman headband (also no model number on this headband makes it more sleek). Whilst I was changing the cups over, I broke one of the SMC connectors, and I had some new ones but also some mono 3.5mm sockets and decided that they were a perfect fit so now they have 3.5mm sockets installed. Currently with HM5 angled pleather but they are lacking some sparkle so need to pad roll a little.

    Thanks for this guide, I made one of the holes a tiny bit too big so there was a little play, so what I did was put a ring of heatshrink on the tab of the headband and that tightened it up. Overall very happy, these cups are a little dented and far from cosmetically mint, but it doesn't matter when they sound this good :D

    IMG_20171202_103351-01.jpeg IMG_20171202_103405-01.jpeg
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