THE Ultimate Step-By-Step Hifiman Headband Replacement Guide from OLDSTOCK Hifiman (HE-4/5LE/6/400/500) into the NEWSTOCK (HE-400i/560) !!!

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  1. wje
    That's very unfortunate.  I guess they caught on that lots of people were performing the mod to make the HE-500 a much more comfortable pair of headphones.
  2. ZeXoN
    I think so, but how can they just do what so if you broken your HE-560 so your lost :triumph:
  3. wje
    If you have a pair of HE-560 headphones that have encountered an issue, you should be able to send them in for repair if the headphones are under warranty.  That's how other manufacturers deal with repair issues on their products.
  4. ZeXoN
    Yes I can see that now, but want them so badly to make that mod
  5. Fink24
    Yeah, I also wanted to do that mod, but I also got rejected:frowning2:
    If anyone has a spare headband (maybe even with he-560 cups), consider sending me a pm.
  6. ZeXoN
    Good idea if anyone wants to sell the headband and cups I want to buy it :blush:
  7. arteom
    have you guys tried asking for the HE-400i headband? The mod was originally based around that model.
  8. Fink24
    I saw this on the HE-6 Thread (from dill3000) and I wanted to do this ever since. I think it gives the HE-6 a little bit of the flagship look it deservers.
    The HE-400i cups were never really an option for me, but then again, it still looks better than my current HE-6 with the HD-600 headband cushion. (it is comfortable though)
  9. ZeXoN

    Yes in the mail I received there stood they don't sell any headband :pensive:
  10. JBal4
    So why not use/cannibalize a set of he350? they are going for pretty cheap used, and you dont have to feel to bad about it since they dont sound all that great to begin with [​IMG]
  11. Fink24
    You got me thinking now. As I already said, I want the HE-560 cups for the better looks, but I also don’t want to waste my custom cable, that I ordered on Black Friday (before I contacted Hifiman)
  12. wje
    The use of the HE-350 for just the cups and the headband seems like a good idea.  I'm not sure if the mounting holes are the same for their dynamic driver as opposed for their planar driver though.  One would think they would make the housings and fittings as universal as possible to keep the parts count for their various offerings to a minimum.
  13. arteom
    Ah shame. Honestly when I contacted them I did not ask to buy a headband, I told them I had a HE-400i with a broken headband. I know, I am going to hell for that, was totally worth it [​IMG].
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  14. canthearyou

    The 350 headband/cups works perfectly. Swap took about 35 mins to complete. I'll post some pics shortly. Right now I'm terminating the stock 350 plug into 4pin xlr.
    20161227_192752.jpg 20161227_195028.jpg
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  15. renji1337
    Did this require drilling? I am debating this if hifiman wont sell me the replacement headband
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