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The Treblehead Club

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  1. Ra97oR
    Hang on... I darting about from midrange/treblehead club, I think I don't belong to either of them. I think I belong to the speedhead club!
  2. NamelessPFG

    Speed and airiness club...spoken like a true Stax owner, that's for sure.
    That may be my place as well, but I'm not entirely certain yet (unless speed = transient response = clarity).
  3. kiteki
    speed, airiness, imaging and clarity club.
    where do I sign up?
  4. mrAdrian
    What I'm lacking in my inventory! Suggestions? Price range somewhere near my listed cans, ~$200 for second hand.

  5. kiteki
    Your TF10 is already in that club I think, so I'm not sure what to say, if you mean full-size try asking Ra97oR. :wink:
  6. alv4426
    Got a new one; AKG K272HD, they belong in here. I'm liking these cans BTW, something else to push the M50 back further.
    EDIT: looks like a lot of AKG are already in the mids club maybe these should be there too I cant decide.
  7. Ronald Lee
    count me in!!! :)
  8. vid
  9. KimChee
    How about CK10?
  10. Indread
    I noticed there aren't any electrets on this list. Don't many inexpensive vintage electrets have great treble, as well as speed?
  11. ellis ip
    Why shure 535 and ck100pro isn't on the list?
  12. cerealkillr
    I have a new pair of the 990 Pro 250 ohms and when I first got them the treble was intense and incredible. It was piercing and upfront and shrill and a little sibilant and sort of fatiguing, but I like that. It puts me in a sort of bliss. After a month or two, though, the treble rolled off more and was still the slightest bit shrill but only with very intense 's' and 't' sounds, as well as with cymbals in rock songs. It kind of fluctuated for a bit, but it came back a little to a non-fatiguing but still piercing level.
  13. bassophile
    Should the KRK KNS8400 be added here?
  14. bangdomarkin
    anybody knows a custom iem with good treble?
  15. ellis ip
    Gr10 with custom eartips , ue and jh high end custom , is not strength in treble mean 16pro,18pro , ue4pro is clear and gd treble bit denfinitly no bass , gr10 have more bass if using custom eartips , if not it quite similar but personally think gr10 gave little more bass
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