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The Treblehead Club

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  1. RedBull
    The list is incomplete without treble champion Sony SA3000, SA5000 and Beyer T50p.  Those treble are fantastically smooothh
  2. TsukiNick
    So which are the best headphones for listening to mosquito tones?
  3. TWerk
    The ultrasone pro 2900 is VERY bright. Lots of treble and nice bass too.
  4. kalki11
    shouldn't the AKG K701 OR Q701 be here ?
  5. Duncan Moderator
    Necro post, however - cannot believe the Sennheiser IE800 isn't in this role-call...

    Dominates over several others on this thread!
  6. TheGiantHogweed
    I have the Audio Technica ATH-AD700s and have had them for over 3 years now. I have simply never heard better treble on anything else. I can understand why some people won't like them. They are very bass light and extremely bright in the treble. Even on proper Hi-Fi speakers that I have heard that cost quite a bit more, they don't have that same sparkle in the treble that these do.
    There are 2 tracks that I listen to very often with my AD700s just because both the tracks are a really good recording and have really good treble.
    Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine
    Those electrical sound effects with the treble just sound incredible through these.
    It is very unlikely that you will have heard of this:
    Band: Peatbog Faeries
    Album: Faerie Stories
    Track: Cameronian Rant
    It is a very strange name but it sounds great on these headphones. Even the bass sounds good. This song has bagpipes in it which is what makes it stand out most.
    If anybody has headphones with a lot of treble, it is worth trying this track out. You may have a hard time finding it though. I can only find it on Spotify. I don't think it is on YouTube or anywhere like that.
  7. bassophile
    Can Soundmagic HP100 be added here?
  8. SinfulAngel
    Hello I would like some help if you kind people could[​IMG] I currently have the V-moda xs, which to my ears is neutralish with a slight bass boost. I am looking for a good compliment ( Neutral leaning toward treble). I've already been recommended the HD598 which I hope to listen to this weekend. Any other recommendations you have with a max of say $250?: I appreciate any and all help![​IMG]
    (I have the magni/modi so amping shouldn't be an issue) 
  9. TheGiantHogweed

    I have the Audio Technica ATH-AD700s and they have very bright treble. That is what I like most about them. The bass is very light weight to I boost that on my FiiO amp. I don't think the AD700s are made any more but there are the newer ones, the AD700X's. Since the headphones that you use look to be closed back, the AD700X's should be a big improvement in the clarity of the treble and the openness of the sound. They will probably have quite a lot less bass. Mine cope very well with EQ though. Hope you won't mind, but they will leak sound terribly!
    I also have the AKG K550s which also have a lot of treble but it doesn't sound as detailed as my AD700s. The main reason will be because they are closed back.
    I think that all of Audio Technica's ATH-AD range will sound very open and on the bright treble side. They just all don't have much in the way of bass from what I have read.
    I also read that the treble on the AD700s is a bit brighter than the HD598 but there is a bit less bass.
  10. SinfulAngel
    thanks [​IMG] how are they for comfort?
  11. TheGiantHogweed
    Quite a few people have had fitting issues. One thing that helps is having a fairly big head![​IMG] Other that that, they are extremly lightweight and very comfortable indeed. I haven't got the AD700X's but I have heard that they are very similar in comfort and a slightly improved sound to my AD700s. When you have had them on for a while, they just feel so light that you forget you have them on.
  12. SinfulAngel
    do you know the difference between these and ath 900X it's only 30 more so I'm curious
  13. TheGiantHogweed

    Again if I compare my old AD700s to what people say about the AD900s, I think that the AD900s have a little more weight to the bass and slightly more laid back treble. I think they have a more balanced sound too. They will still have treble that stands out though. I would have thought that the difference between the newer X versions of both of these headphones would be very similar. If there is only a small price difference, I would go for the ATH-AD900X.
  14. SinfulAngel
    Thank you very much[​IMG] Just one more thing Between the DT880 and the ATH 900X which is better for long tern listening and comfort?
  15. TheGiantHogweed

    I don't know about the DT880s so I can't really compare them. I just know that lots of people say that the ATH-AD range are very comfortable and lightweight headphones. I can wear my AD700s for hours without them getting uncomfortable.
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