The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. wuwhere Contributor
    Oh my!! 12 KT120s!!
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  2. Muinarc
    I was told by the Stax rep. at RMAF that something is due next year for their 80th anniversary.
  3. Whitigir
    *Gasps* next year ? Like what month though ? I better start “saving” :D
  4. wuwhere Contributor
  5. wuwhere Contributor
  6. Jones Bob
    Let’s hope STAX takes this more seriously than their T-8000 effort.
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  7. oneguy
    Maybe the month of their founding? Just speculation on my part though.
  8. SeaWo|f
    Due next year is extremely non committal. For all we know it's "due" because an internal document created when the 009 released set out when a 009 successor should hit the market. Doesn't mean development will be complete, or even that they have started working on one.
    That said in the relatively recent past they have been more of a headphone company than an amp one. Not sure how their amps were viewed way back. I would have a great deal of confidence in the quality of their next headphone release.
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  9. Whitigir
    Don’t they have special amplifier in house to test and tune the headphones
  10. JimL11
    According to Scott Rifkin's Stax factory visit report in 2012 (do a Google search for Stax Factory visit):

    Stax President Meguro: "Until recently, we used the SRM-T1 as the base. It is a product with a long history. It started as the T1, then the T1S and the 006t. Currently, we are using 2 production models as references, the SRM-727A solid-state and SRM-007tA tube amps." Perhaps they are also using the T8000 now.
  11. Pahani
    Aha, good eyes you both! I remembered seeing a "reference" amp in the factory tour post as well. Or perhaps it was a burn-in amp I'm remembering? I seem to remember (from that same article) each unit is pre-run in at the factory.

    Just my recollection from seeing the article somewhere around a year ago.
  12. nvfan
    Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but has anyone tried replacing the SR-009 earpads with new ones? Do you just pull the earpads off?
  13. joseph69
    No, they just don't get pulled off. There's a black dust screens which needs be removed by pinching it just enough so it can clear the ear pad to be pulled out (gently). Then, from the inside diameter of the ear pad, push the ear pads up a little and you'll see a black metal disc with 6 Phillips head screws going around the ear cup in a cross pattern (use a #1 Phillips screwdriver) to loosen these screws just enough to pull the excess material of the ear pads out from in-between the black metal disc/ear cup. The excess material of the pad is actually compressed in-between the disc/ear cup, this is how they're secured to the ear cup. You'll need to slip the excess material of the ear pads back in-between the black disc/ear cup (making sure it's fully inserted all the way around) and reassemble.

    I did this by following @zolkis ear pad mods (do a search) to my 007 which is very similar to the 009 ear pad disassembly/assembly. I also used a very thin butter knife to insert the excess part of the ear pads back in-between the black disc/ear cup, and it was very easy to do with some patience. I also taped the end of the butter knife so I didn't scratch the black metal disc while reassembling. Don't slip with the Phillips screw driver!
    Doing this is at your own risk only, good luck!
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  14. Norabati
    Very useful. Thanks.
  15. joseph69
    Thanks goes to @zolkis.

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