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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. JimJames
    And how close would one get to that with the much cheaper socas mod?
  2. BenF
    Not too close, most high quality pads are much thicker and have different shape - both of these affect sound.
    I tried ZMF lambskin pads - made L300 sound more like a dynamic headphone.
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  3. Norabati
    Agreed. Both have produced some very original material.
  4. Ojisan
    I had AD2000X for few months. They were light and comfortable but the sound is really strange. The vocals/mids in your face really turned me off and I sold it. I love the natural sound of L300. If sound quality is your priority, I'd take L300.
  5. JimJames
    Ah great! So how would you compare them in terms of comfort? Because I find the ATHs to be the most comfortable set of cans out there and I intend to use them for very long listening sessions, would I be bothered too much with the stax? Because I know that I could probably go all day with ATHs
  6. Ojisan
    Personally, I have more mileage in my HD600 and L300. I prefer the headband of HD600 and ATH is probably a tie. The AD2000X had a smallish earpiece that felt like an on-ear headphone. L300 has a rather wide leather headband (2.5in wide at the top) which is sometimes irritating. Earpads, like others, I find it too thin and flat. Could be hot during summer. I'm not a fan of (p)leather pads. I'm exploring options to make it more comfortable, maybe even DIY a headband. I wonder if anyone has successfully replaced everything but the earpiece...

    Despite all of that, I use L300 for long hours at my desk and often find myself immersed in music during a quiet evening listening. Music is what matters to me, comfort is next. Just my $0.01 worth :)
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  7. SeaWo|f
  8. Ojisan
    Sweater for Stax! I might try that for the heck of it!
  9. weasel1979
    Yes, it hurts to see a SR-007 with an 353x amp. It's just wrong
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  10. wuwhere Contributor
    I got a KGST, instead of a KGSSHV mini. I’ve always been a tube fan. I have an Audio Research D70 for my HE6, 4 Tung Sol 6550.
  11. joseph69
    How do you like it?
  12. wuwhere Contributor
    It’s on its way. I should have it sometime next week.
  13. joseph69
    I really enjoyed the KGST/009.
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  14. mulveling Contributor
    Awesome! It'll still sound great with an O2 Mk I; the KGST also makes for a nice all-around 'stat amp. I'm a huge tube fan as well; currently running an Audio Research Ref 6 into Rogue Apollo tube monoblocks in my big rig.
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  15. Whitigir
    Should we be expecting new Stax Headphones any time soon ? Hasn’t 009 been released for 5 years or so ?
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