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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. Pokemonn
    Yes, you may be right. I have been trying to use hardware EQer. but i have never satisfied with results completely. 
    also my hardware EQer DEQ2496 has huge jitter. for me its love/hate relationship with it.
  2. Ampeezy
    Hey there, you never did a comparison of your sr-007 to the L700. I assume you have them both by now
  3. TheGadaffiDuck
    Yeah i do. I think you can tell by my for sale page which one i like better lol, but its not a matter of what is better, but what you prefer at this point in time.
    So here's the breakdown.
    Bass Extension: 007 > L700, probably because of the L700s lack of an absolute seal like the old lambdas/007s have
    Bass Texture: 007 >>>> L700.
    Bass Impact: Man this depends on the song. I wanna say 007s if the Bass Drum is tuned lower and EQ boosted in the sub frequencies (like below 40hz), the 007s again will pick it up so much better, especially in electronic music. The L700s on the other hand are no slouch, but I really wanna say the L700s are better cause they have a bit more midbass, and have a nice kick drum thud. Hard to decide.
    Midrange: L700s = SR-007. Seriously they are very close if not the same in this respect.
    Treble Presence: L700s > SR-007
    Treble Extension: L700s > SR-007
    Imaging: Technically SR007 > L700, Preference L700 > SR007. Technically speaking the 007 has better accuracy in the stereo image, but my preference is determined how the image is presented. The difference has to do with the angled drivers of the L700s, in which i noticed it has a speaker like stereo imaging almost, where the sound appears like its infront of you. 007 is very much in your head like normal pairs of headphones are.
    Soundstage: L700 > SR007. L700s are almost always wider by default cause of the angled drivers, but if you give the 007s a nice and wide instrument track the 007s are better.
    Instrument Seperation: 007 > L700 but not by much. I'm giving the 007s because of its abilities with more instrumental/acoustic music in this regard.
    Result: Keep the L700s because of its greater engagement, and presence in the treble, and it's stereo Image since i got into the audio game on angled drivers and good speakers. A bit better imaging, bass, and instrument seperation isnt enough for me to keep $3000 headphones, especially when ive had headphones that were just as good in some of these respects for less. Personally i would sell both and get another L300, because holy cow this adventure into top end stax costed me a lot of money. The L700s are better, but price performance of the L300s is unbelievable. Maybe part of me just thinks that the L700 doesnt do enough for me to justify the $1300 price difference, and thats why i have been thinking of handing this one off to someone else too.
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  4. Ampeezy
    Nice to see your take on these phones. I wish you could hear the sr-007 on my setup, just sublime. Literally a black background, I'm sure as a result of almost zero distortion and driver speed. I have to hear an sr-009 soon, and see how it stacks up. 
  5. TheGadaffiDuck
    No amount of Preparedness would convince me to spend $5000 on an amplifier; probably why im getting rid of the 007 to begin with (maybe the L700 n back to a L300.) The most i could spend on an Amplifier would be the Ragnarock, because it is convenient with my setup, given it has speaker outputs, and enough power in its headphone output to power HE6 pretty damn well, and gain stages to power everything else below that with out destroying the headphone.
  6. vapman
    Look at all the people who have been here for over a decade and use budget headphones out of TOTL amps here and love it. same holds true of stax. we keep trying to tell you, believe in the  power of the amp! [​IMG]
  7. Ampeezy
  8. TheGadaffiDuck

    Maybe when i win the lottery
  9. behwatch

    Agreed that the amp makes a whole lot of difference (727 vs Carbon). But now I tend to match the price of amp with the headphone price. So that the bottleneck will not be with the lower priced equipment.
  10. paradoxper
    The T2 is a ******* myth. So, uh, exhausted with this process. I am not quite sure how Justin puts up with these people.
    No pain, no gain, right. Ugh. [​IMG]
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  11. Whitigir
    Looking good, when will it be done
  12. Ampeezy
  13. kensonic
    Are there any news regarding the new amp from Stax ? Any chance for this year ?
  14. deuter

    You referring to the T2 gen 2 ?
  15. kensonic
    I am referring to an interview with a Stax representative (head R&D ?) which I have seen some months ago (link was provided in this forum). He stated/confirmed that Stax is developing a new amp but there was no clear statement when it will be released.
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