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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. hpeter
    looks diy to me
  2. Jaab
    I was not interested,  but just curious! I saw already another one last year with a similar case but with less knobs
  3. ericj
    My guess is that it's a low-wattage PP tube speaker amp, with the stax jack wired right where the transformer primaries are. 
    And yeah it looks DIY. 
    It's probably not bad. And it's probably not great either. I agree that for 100,000 yen aka $900 usd, I'd not bother. 
  4. Whitigir
    The greatest stax amps are from DIY :)
  5. astrostar59
    I am not sure anymore. The HE-1 and Shangri-La for example, not heard them but....
    The amount of high end amps for planars out this year seems to be on a roll, which to me says summit-fi is getting bigger and more folk are willing to spend on it. It is about time more manufacturers got on with a top Stat amp. 
    I wonder if the 009s and T2/BHSE/Carbon will stay at the top of the HPs for much longer (excluding the 2 x 50K amps of course). Some of the posts on the SoCal thread seem to be saying that may not be the case, with for example the Abyss MK2 and WA33 reaching new heights.
    Anyone know if the BHSE had NOS tubes in it? And which DAC was used. Those things matter, as does the material used. Only way I will be satisfied is I can hear them together at Can-Jam in London.
  6. Whitigir
    To me, it doesn't matter. DIY amps are expensive due to parts and labor alone. The more quality the parts, the more expensive it gets. Every other mass produced amps will have to go through so many people and process to finalize the price.....the more involved, the more expensive or less quality the product will be ( this is true just because KG is legendary for these designs, without him, to even think about these performances would cost not just an arm and leg )

    Sure, people will pay, but the number are very very low which makes it a product for just "company status" alone. After all, you can always say "because it sounds good" and have it sold, period :D
  7. deuter

  8. Whitigir

    What ? Flavor of the month ?
  9. joseph69
    New production Mullard tubes and Holo Spring KTE…don't know about the material.
  10. Sko0byDoo
    Not impressed with Shangri-La.  HE-1 is the best I've heard from e-stat, or any HPs system.  Though I have not heard the DIYT2, but doubt that it can reach the HE-1's level.  If not for the kidney-costing-price...     
  11. Whitigir

    I have heard someone else stated the same thing :D
  12. paradoxper
    I've heard different from a few. 
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  13. astrostar59

    Interesting. Well right there they should have used NOS tubes to get the best out of the BHSE. I realise it doesn't come with NOS tubes and understand Justin has to demo it as it is sold to a customer. I wonder if the Woo Audio WA33 comes with NOS tubes as sold? 
  14. deuter

    The WA 33 comes with KR audio tubes not NOS.
    They are in my opinion one of the best tube s in the world.
    Not cheap but quality product.

    And you don't need NOS Mullards in the BHSE as that will only smoothen the sound.
  15. astrostar59
    Think many BHSE owners would disagree with that.... using the 009s
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