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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. edwyun
    My Aleph 2 amps are spec'ed to run at 50-55 C.  No issues for many years (knock on wood).  Great for winters not so much for summers.
  2. edwyun
    Hi bias into class A is good!
  3. edwyun
    As for Stax earphones, any recommendations for a replacement for my 90s era SRD7 for my Stax Lambda Pro's?
  4. edwyun
    Sorry to hear that.  Care to provide any specifics as to why?
  5. Feilong4
    Sure, I just prefer the bass impact that dynamic drivers usually provide. I found myself reaching for my T1's a lot more, even though the treble response is much more natural and forgiving on the SR-407. 
  6. yates7592

  7. Whitigir

    No, that is wrong. I love bass, and I took those myths that you just said for years + Stax is stationary only "electro stat can't not get dynamic bass". That was why I never looked up into Stax and kept going on with dynamic. I now have Utopia + TAZH1ES, and it still could not satisfy me. Yes, bass was good on Utopia, but not as good as on A proper setup of Stax system. Trust me when I say this, quality audio will be expensive, and even more expensive on Dynamic set up to get a good system that can not even get as good as a proper Stax system. "Dynamic system can not get what Stax can provide !"

    KGSSHV Carbon + SR009 is a bass monster, the kind of magical bass, real resolution bass and realistic. Not to mention soundstage, details, treble....etc...If you go for a cheap system whether Stax or dynamic, you will never get the real quality you seek for, they just don't exist. You can try what I tried, find your preferences, enjoy it, then eventually move on again simply because your brain just won't accept it....I could not fool mine, otherwise I would go with Beats by Dre and an IPod. They are bass monster!

    I would sell my Utopia and TA-ZH1ES together, but the advantage is that Utopia can be driven out of many portable sources and while my TA-ZH1ES is a good compact headphone/amp together. These two will serve as a dynamic system just fine. It is in no way can be compared to Carbon and 009

    After all, I just have to insert this " your experiences will varies upon personal preferences ". The above I shared to you were simply what I found out on my journey. :wink: and hence I had to disagree with it. I can assure you that now there are 2 ways to make me spill my morning coffee

    1/ someone to tell me that cables don't make a different

    2/ Electro stat lack the bass that a dynamic system has

  8. Pokemonn
    yeah even my modified 727 + 24bit EQed 009 are bass monster too. :D they sound very euphonic/rich bass.
    almost dynamic driver can't go 10Hz. 
  9. Whitigir

    And that is another magical bass that no dynamic headphones can match....
  10. Feilong4
    I shouldn't have generalized, and should have been more specific. From what I've heard, I much prefer the T1's over the SR-407 in terms of bass impact and separation of sound. There are things I like about the SR-407, but also other things that I dislike. I don't have too many things to dislike about the T1's if any.
    One thing I don't like about the SR-407 (and which apparently exists even on the SR-007 and/or SR-009) is the "Stax fart". It's very distracting and though it could remedied with a straw apparently (have not tried), I'd much rather grab my T1's. Much more comfortable with the T1's either way.
    Another thing I dislike with the SR-407 is around 1kHz-2kHz. I found it make vocals a bit harsh at louder volumes and EQ'd that down by 2-3 db. I have not seen measurements that will prove my findings, but I found them much easier to listen to at louder volumes once I've done so.
    The last 'dislike' is that I found a lack of "engagement" with the SR-407. Seemingly, everything sounds easy-going besides the 1kHz-2kHz region. I know it's very heavily influenced from my time with the T1.
    Maybe if I had a higher end model, I would be able to experience what you've experienced. Unfortunately, the SR-009 + KGSSHV Carbon set up is very pricey, and my T1's with the Crack and Speedball is pretty satisfactory. Of course, that does not mean I am not curious as to the other things I haven't heard yet, which is why I still try out other things.
    Maybe in the future, I'll be able to afford your set up with the SR-009 and experience what you've experienced. I believe it's ok to have differing experiences though because I don't necessarily think I'm "wrong". I probably just have not heard the right set up yet.
    As much as I'd would love to hear it's "magical bass", I have become very skeptical from experience with differing opinions on some headphones with some reviews. It took me a while before dropping on the Stax system that I had. Again, it's not bad, I just prefer my T1 with the Crack and speedball.
    I'm sure your set ups sound amazing and I'm not denying it one bit. I'll just explore my options in the meantime.
  11. hpeter
    600 Ω elephant heavy coils will resonate -wiggle like crazy, giving good sense of deep bass.
    I´m familiar with that... DT 990 PRO 250Ω (yeah but muffled treble, mids..)

    Stax foil is weightless, tight, no resonances.
    Breaking seal this way (bass fart mod) will give some low end rumble. Carefully lift (only tiny part) glued pad, and insert a plastic tube, or two. Too big port will make it boomy. Tube 1cm or so diameter.
    It is reversible, but sometimes the glue patch will stop holding well.
    Experimented with this for some time, therefore hotglue can be seen.
  12. Feilong4
    Yeah, I clarified my thoughts in my later post. I take back what I said about electrostatics and bass, as I haven't heard every electrostatic set ups out there so I can't generalize. Even so, I prefer the bass impact on the T1 over the SR-407. I'm referring bass impact as to how punchy it is. The bass/mid-bass on the SR-407 seems to be soft in comparison lacking a sense of "engagement". The SR-407 does seem to extend lower though. I'm not saying the SR-407 represents every electrostatics either. I'm merely comparing the T1 and the SR-407.
    I don't know how close the DT990 Pro 250 Ohm is to the T1, but I would assume the T1 would offer much more sonic advantages since it's Beyerdynamic's past flagship (I say past because of the existence of the second generation). I have yet to hear anyone say that the T1's sound muffled in the treble and mids. I don't know whether you meant that or not.
  13. edwyun
    I don't disagree with your assessment about "impact".  Hard to get impact with an openback phones IMHO.
  14. edwyun
    I would not say lacking in bass because if the recording has it, the Stax will reproduce it faithfully.  However, you often don't feel the effect of the bass as you potentially can in other setups.  And I'm not talking about too much bass either.  I've always thought that it was partly due to the openback setup because you cannot usually develop sufficient sound pressure levels,.
  15. Whitigir

    That is also not true. How did you come to the above conclusion is beyond me

    I came across Z1R, Utopia and now 900. I can totally assure you that a proper setup 900 has impacts, deep bass rumbling to the closest of real Expensive speakers rather than headphones. Neither Z1R nor Utopia can match the bass of 900. If I had not, then I would also sit on your conclusion as it just makes senses, and it came from many other myths flying around as well.
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