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The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by crazychile, Oct 27, 2015.
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  1. dripf
    Carbon minimum.
  2. arnaud Contributor
    I like the L700 woth Stax tube amps. I forgot which it was when I tried them again but the combo was really neat, better than the new 353 or 727 amps.

    These lambda don't seem to be desperate for power and sound much much better than all lamdbas released in past 15 years imho. I bet it's no coincidence.

  3. luvmusik
    If anyone matches or hears Stax SR-L700 headphones with SRM-1/Mk2 Professional amp, please post impressions.
  4. Rossliew
    @arnaud  have you listened to either the L500 or L700 or any of the lambdas with the BHSE? Does the BHSE improve the listening with these models?
  5. arnaud Contributor
    Not yet, and I haven't heard other lambdas with high end amp either. Just that the lambdas have a reputation of not really needing these high power amps to drive them and certainly sound excellent from stax amps (contrary to the omega series).

    Only reason I never owned a lambda before is simply I did not like how they sounded but the newer lambdas are a really departure from the past couple of decades.

    Not sure how satisfying they are on the long run but definitely have a nice voicing if not the best voicing from the current range (perfect balance between 007A and 009 tonality).

    If I started with stats today, a L700 + stax amp pairing would be no brainer as compared to cost of 007A or 009 + appropriate amp to drive them. Not saying these are equivalent but the L700 can give a run for their money to current crop of planars and high end dynamic cans from most vendors.

    I don't own one because I already have too much gear at home and priorities are shifting but, If I sell some stuff, I may buya pair some day.
  6. DougD
    Great info, thanks for sharing.
    It's sounding like the SR-L700 could be an excellent step-up from the low-end Staxen ... e.,g. I have an SR-X-Mk3 and a newly acquired (mod'd & refurbished) SRA-12S amp that lets me move in gear with pro bias gear for the first time  ...without getting all the way into the deep end with an 007/009 and an amp of matching quality.
    Do you recall what amp/s you heard the SR-L700 with? One would conclude from the scarcity of impressions that not many people have had the chance to actually listen to them yet.
  7. Kiats
    I don't know if you will have an opportunity to demo the L700 but I agree with Arnaud: it's a very attractively voiced Stax. Not quite up there with the Omegas but very easy to listen to and thoroughly enjoyable. As long as you don't believe some of the hype that this could be a 007/009 on a budget, you'll be good. The L700 is enjoyable in its own right. :)
    Zoide likes this.
  8. Rossliew

    Thanks for sharing Arnaud. I shall keep an eye out for them and hopefully be able to also grab a good amp to pair them with :blush:
  9. Rossliew

    Unfortunately no such avenue here to audition as if I recall correctly, there doesn't seem to be any Stax dealer in Malaysia that I'm aware of. The last one gave up due to lack of demand/interest and all round economically unfeasible for them to carry the line.
  10. axle_69

    I would say yes (assuming the 323S delivers the same power as the 353X). The L700 don't seem very hungry (but I don't listen that loud either).
  11. axle_69

    If that were the case what would be the point of buying the L700 (and not the 009)?
  12. dripf
    Not even the BHSE can 100% tame the new Lambdas.
  13. axle_69

    But what is the level we are happy to live with?
    It may be reasonable to buy headphones that require an amplifier costing 2x, maybe 3x. But if it goes well above that, there is no point in buying those headphones (or even manufacturing them).
  14. dripf
  15. HemiSam
    Reading some of these posts is gonna leave a mark....
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