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The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by crazychile, Oct 27, 2015.
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  1. nemomec
    You doesn´t need for good sound a expensive amp for the SR-L700. Take a well serviced and solid SRM-1 MK2 Pro or SRM-T1/T1S with the SR-L700 and you have a very good sounding setup. Don´t use Stax amps with poor performance like SRM-212/252/II/S, SRM-310 or SRM-323II.
  2. edstrelow Contributor
    I agree with you about the merits of the SRM-1Mk 2. It is very good with Lambdas, not so good with the 007.
  3. purk Contributor
    I have the 323S and I'm listening to the L700 right now and the combo is quite respectable IMO.  The L700 sounds a little "diffused" and less "focus" out of the 323S compared to better amplifiers.  Bass is less tight and soundstage does suffer even more compared to better amps.  With that said, I still enjoy the sound of this combo and I still recommend it to people.  I mean you can get the L700+used 323S for little more than the price of the HD800S.  The L700 is quite a good headphones in my book and easier to drive/pair than the SR009 and of course the SR007 and one can get a very good performance out of the 323S.
    The 007 is so difficult to drive that unless you own a really good KGST & KGSSHV at a minimum...it probably not worth owning IMO.
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  4. 343 Grenadier
    I still think the ultimate test of the SR-L700's efficiency would be to see how much it quality it loses on a dirt-cheap amp like the SRM252S or the SRM212, so if anyone can try it, I think a lotta folks would be grateful. Those are pretty well near as low as you can go for amp quality. If the L700 still sounds nice off of those, I can see it shelving a lot of upper mid-tier Lambdas because it means you can buy a near-top-of-the-line Stax and amp it inexpensively, and upgrade later as finances allow, all without so much as sacrificing warranty coverage in the name of keeping costs down. Something that would pose a real threat to a lot of other $1-2K headphones and serve as part of a "gateway" for new stat owners. Just imagine: Someone could buy an SRS-2170 system for like $475 new just to see if they like stats at all, and then huzzah, turns out they don't NEED to buy a better amp to use the best Lambda, although eventually they will. Makes upgrading at your own pace easier. Think of it as final piece of the puzzle needed to create a pretty straightforward chain of stepping stones to the top which also allows you to sell off a system or part whenever it's not needed anymore to recoup some of the losses on each upgrade, ex.: SRM-2170-->SR-L700-->SRM-727A (Sell SRM-2170 here)-->SR-007/009-->KGSSHV/BHSE (Sell SR-L700+SRM-727A here). We juuuuuuust need someone to test the SR-L700 on one of those cheapo amps and see if it works okay to figure out if this is a possibility or not. Be BOSS if it is.
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  5. Tompoodie
    Hopefully Spritzer will join this discussion; he has expressed the opinion that the 323 is the best amplifier in the entire Stax amp line also the best value. In addition he expressed who's that the 727 doesn't become better until it is modified. With the 207, I have not felt that the bass is diffuse, only that it lacks slam, which to some extent is inherent in the electrostatic design, including exceptionally low bass distortion.
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  6. Pokemonn
    where can i find Spritzer's comment on 323S?
    I did search current stax thread. I counld not find it?
    Thank you very much.
  7. nemomec
    Yes the SRM-323S not SRM-323II/A is one of the interesting amps in the entire Stax Lineup, the actual SRM-353X is also a interesting model. The SRM-727 is without feedback mod not a good amp especially with SR-009, the SRM-007tA/II is a much better choice. The SR-207 is in my opinion only a average Lambda model and not comparable to a SR-L700, but a good entry point in the electrostatic headphones world.
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  8. Pokemonn
    I found it. Thank you..
  9. koonhua90
    This coming March or April I will be in Japan, I will go and have a listen to these new Stax.
  10. Tompoodie
  11. Tompoodie
    Pokemon, here you go:


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  12. axle_69
    This is an interesting comparison between the 252, 323S, 727 and 007tII using the 007 and the 009, and the 323 seems to be preferred to the other Stax ss amplifiers. The 252 is down the list though. I remember seeing another post with more or less the same result.
    I guess the 353X will not be very different from the 323S. Anyone listened to the two? I needed balanced inputs but a used 323S would make the system a lot cheaper.
    Did anyone listen to the L700 paired with the 600?
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  13. purk Contributor
    It is well known that the 323S is the best sounding amp currently available from Stax and I can attest to this.  I tested out the 727II and can confirm that in stock form it is far from being a great amp.  I was impressed with the 717 also but that amp is more colored than the 323S beside sounding more refined and a little more expansive.  From what I understand the 353X is the 323S with a balanced input terminal which is likely not any better given that the 323S will convert any SE into balanced signal anyway.  
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  14. Ali-Pacha
    SRM-1/mk2 pro with new caps, period [​IMG]
  15. axle_69
    I would say yes for very short cables, but if you have to run relatively long cables, better use balanced cables (if the DAC has a true balanced output) to cancel out noise, therefore the need for balanced inputs.
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