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The Shenzhen Benjie BJ-T6 / AGPtek Rocker

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pjabber, Feb 8, 2017.
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  1. TidalWave
    I presume this would be an upgrade in output sound quality over Moto G4 phone? (G4, not G4 Plus or Play)
    "Moto G4 uses the DAC built in to the Snapdragon 617 SoC. You could take a look at the DaC quality of other phones with a Snapdragon 617. You could even look at phones with the Snapdragon 616 or 615, as they have an identical DAC."
    Review with sound testing: https://www.gsmarena.com/lenovo_moto_g4-review-1458p7.php

    To me, it sounds bad after my OnePlus One phone, which unfortunately died out of the blue, and the Moto G4 was a cheap replacement. Now that I have nicer headphones (V-Moda M-100), I feel like maybe a DAP would do them more justice than my phone. But if there won't be a noticeable difference with Benji T6 or something like Xduoo X3 or D3 nano over my phone, I'll save some money sticking with my phone. Any advice would be appreciated!
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  2. bsoplinger
    I'd point out that for about $50 (the cost of the Benjie T6) plus the cost of a SD card of your choice that you won't have filled up your phone's memory with music files and worn down the battery listening to music so its dead when you want to make a call or get on the net. And that's regardless of whether it sounds better or not. I'd also guess that it'll sound better.
  3. TidalWave
    That's actually not a problem at all. My phone accepts a micro SD card too, and battery life is excellent listening to music with screen off. I'm only concerned about sound quality.
  4. phower
    Stick to your phone for listening to music. I have wasted several hundreds of dollars on a number of chinese DAPs (those that cost < $50) which are now gathering dust. Most of them are absolute trash in SQ, software and battery life. The only one that I use is FiiO X3 2nd gen. FiiO is one of the better quality chinese DAPs.
    TidalWave likes this.
  5. groucho69
    Can you share your thoughts on each model that you have tried?
  6. Roboturner913
    I bought a brand new Rocker V2 from ebay for $30 in what I'm hoping is a major win, considering they are going for around $70 and up. Seemed to be a one-off listing but I figured for $30 I could take the risk.
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  7. phower
    I mostly bought DAP's made by Teclast and Newsmy and a few other brands that disappear after each production run :unamused:. I think the SoC inside were either from RockChip or Actions Semiconductor. The biggest issues were uneven frequency response( no bass at all ) and battery that discharges quickly. Wasted around $200 and decided never to buy these cheap DAPs.

    My 12 year old Samsung Yepp is still working and has the best firmware for its size.:astonished: After speaking to a few chinese friends, I came to realize that the chinese factories have to constantly produce something new in order to survive. Their goal is not quality but cash flow.

    Stick to Japanese, Korean or high end Chinese companies(those that sell abroad too) for any electronics and stop wasting your time and money on these cheap things.
  8. groucho69
    I like my cheap Benjie S5
  9. bsoplinger
    I'm happy with my cheap Benjie K9, AGPtEK 16 GB A20, Ruizu X02. They provide decent sound and definitely aren't lacking bass. Granted, spending 4x the amount, $100 vs $25, will get plenty more features but nothing beats the battery life of these inexpensive players and overall it just makes music play quality they have.
    groucho69 likes this.
  10. Roboturner913
    With all the rebranding and duplication that goes on, you pretty much have to evaluate these things on a case-by-case basis. You can have two players from the exact same brand name, one is great and the other is garbage.

    Samsung's modern origins are very much like that of some of the Chinese companies you are talking about, and look where they are today. I have several Samsung devices (two phones and a TV) and they are wonderful. But 20 years ago Samsung products were below second-rate.
  11. phower
    The problem is no objective reviews exists for these DAPs. The only way to check is to buy them and evaluate. I did that and most of them suck!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  12. Roboturner913
    I haven't heard much of anything negative about the player that this thread is about. Do you have experience with that one?

    Also there is an "obscure Chinese DAP" thread here that could certainly use all the opinions and critiques you can offer on specific devices.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
  13. Dark Helmet
    Can the T6/Rocker be used as a transport?
  14. JimmyJam
    You literally can't change songs with the screen off. That seems pretty negative to me.
  15. Montree
    Different people want different features. It's never even occurred to me that having to turn the screen on is a problem, it certainly isn't for me and the way I use my DAP.
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