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The Shenzhen Benjie BJ-T6 / AGPtek Rocker

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pjabber, Feb 8, 2017.
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  1. Stormbringer888

    If you are pleased with basic playlist based on track sequence (simply tracklists on playlist with no location path) and don't feel any problems browsing through each album folder to access playlist then you probably don't need this. In my case, I tend to mix things up and or arrange the sequence of songs / adjusting album tracklists sequence to my liking. This is based on trial and error, also from various sources (credits to original sources and contributors).

    Some of us might have a hard time with playlist(s), including me, so I'd like to share a more convenient way to create our own mix without involving too many applications on Windows machine.

    METHOD 1 : works on root folder only
    Firstly, get an app for Windows called "M3U Dropper" (just google it, x64 or x86 depending on your Windows OS) and given below is the simple how-to :
    1. Once the app extracted just run the app (it's a portable app, no installation required)
    2. Connect your player to available USB port
    3. Open windows explorer and drag and drop whatever songs you want to be included in playlist from your DAP's storage (not hard drive)
    4. This is the fun part, you can arrange the sequence of any songs in the compilation /album by drag and drop
    5. Next go to "Edit --> Preferences" then check "Create Portable Playlist" if it wasn't already
    6. Now the moment of truth, hit the "Create Playlist [F3]" button, select "m3u8" (or m3u if yo don't need UTF-8) save in ROOT location of your DAP's storage
    7. Enjoy !

    Limitation :
    As previously mentioned this method only works if playlist placed in ROOT not inside any folder(s).

    METHOD 2 : works on every location
    Similar steps :
    1. Run "M3U Dropper"
    2. Connect your player to available USB port
    3. Open windows explorer and drag and drop whatever songs you want to be included in playlist from your DAP's storage (not hard drive)
    4. Arrange the sequence of any songs in the compilation / album if necessary by drag and drop
    5. Next go to "Edit --> Preferences" then UNCHECK "Create Portable Playlist"
    6. Hit the "Create Playlist [F3]" button, select "m3u8" in any location of your DAP's storage

    Additional steps :
    1. Open your m3u8 playlist with "Notepad"
    2. Insert a blank line as first line then type #EXTM3U in it
    3. Now Go To Edit, Replace
    4. In find what, type <drive>: (<drive> is your portable player drive letter, in my case D: )
    5. In Replace with, type TF1: eg. D:\ become TF1:\
    6. Click 'Replace All', then SAVE
    7. Enjoy !

    Tips :
    1. I put my all playlists in a single folder goes by the name "0_Playlist" for easy access. It may look ugly but it serves the purpose.
    2. Upon deleting playlists on the fly or via Windows, current playlists won't auto-update so we need to manually re-scan.
    3. If you want your playlists to be sorted alphabetically you need a portable app called "Drivesort" (http://www.anerty.net/software/file/DriveSort/). This is a light, simple but very powerfull tiny app. It lets you auto sort and manual sort any folders and any files sequence the way you want it, very useful for any portable storage such as USB stick for car audio entertainment purpose. Takes a minute getting used to, particularly you need to assign what file extension to be read by the program and switch to playlist mode to do the sorting,

    Feedback needed :
    1. Implementation on DAP other than Benjie T6 / AGPTek Rocker with dual storage
    2. This playlist won't show on Playlists menu. accessible only on folder view. Is there any way for this to be shown on Playlist menu ? (only playlist created directly from the device shows)
    Update :
    Though playlists won't show on main screen / home Playlists but they could be found on Music --> Playlists. This is far more convenient than Folder View.
    3. Any kind of improvement or simpler method

    This is what it looks like inside the playlist created with METHOD 2:

    KWS - Lay It On Down.PNG
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
  2. otaviofsousa
    Hey guys. I am new here. Can someone tell me if in the Benjie T6 I can change the speed of the audio? I wanna put some podcast and listen in 1.5x.
  3. Chamelleon
    I don't think so. Couldn't find such option.
    otaviofsousa likes this.
  4. otaviofsousa
  5. tomtran561997
    Firmware 1.2 that came with the Rocker V2 is now available for download at AGPTEK website

    PJABBER likes this.
    This was a long time coming, but glad they finally offered it for download. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. tomtran561997
    Just updated mine T6 to firmware 1.2.

    However, for some reason that I don't know, the player still says it is version 1.1. I think they added the ability to create a playlist within the player itself under Music/All Songs/Select desired song andh old right button. IMAG2803.jpg IMAG2806.jpg
  8. Stormbringer888
    The ability to create playlists is there in 1.1. I wonder if there are other differences. Regardless, I'm gonna give it a try.
  9. JimmyJam
    Can you change songs with the screen off with the new firmware?
  10. vic2vic
    It seems there is another firmware update at the AGPTEK site, dated Nov 1st (but still listed as Version 1.2).
  11. Stormbringer888
    I have no idea what's updated in v1.2 but firmware version has been corrected in player's settings --> about
  12. Stormbringer888
  13. JimmyJam
    Man I can't believe I wasted my money on a player that can't even do that simple thing.
  14. Stormbringer888
    It's implemented to avoid accidental button press. I don't really mind, but others might find it quite irritating. I guess a lock slider should be made available in future products like one on my ipod video.
  15. JimmyJam
    Considering i bought it to be a gym player, yeah that's pretty much the only feature I ever use.
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