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The Sad State Of The So Called Audiophile DAP Market

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by digitalfreak, Sep 23, 2013.
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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I can agree on the promo video being a touch overcooked, certainly from an Australians point of view. Although they did grab me a little with the 'music isn't being heard how it's suppose to" the entire promo video came across a little cheesy to a few people I showed here in Australia. I've spoken with Arly about his video via PM so, not need to repeat it here. Bascially I'm 50/50 whether PONO will survive in the market, though I'm open for an ending either way.
  2. eke2k6
    All done!
  3. Hutnicks
    When is a DAP not a DAP.?
    When it's a misdirection technique used to distract people from the actual money to be made.
    With all due respect to Mr. Young, it's no big secret that artists have long been gritting there teeth over the compensation they share with record labels and distributors. Apple came along with the perfect marketing system and cut the throats of both and makes a healthy 30 points on each sale.
    We already have hi res music and players. What is different here is the artist(s) are now in charge of the distribution system. That's where the real revenue is.
    They hit the kickstarter target (800,000) in 24 hours. The public is going to pay for this for the privilege of being able to pay Young & co for something that already exists elsewhere.
    Flipping brilliant. Wish I'd thought of it.
  4. Mach-X
    Yea, you did the video in your jammies and your watch is on the wrong arm. :wink:
  5. zilch0md
    @DigitalFreak  Interesting!  This made me think it would be truly smart for one of these DAP manufacturers who obviously lack software skills to just hire the Rockbox people, right from the beginning, to create the UI - and even invite their input into the hardware design.
    @miceblue  You're singing my song.  See:  Do your 96kHz files contain 44.1kHz music?  
    @eke2k6   Readers of this thread will enjoy your review - nice job!  My further comments can be found here.
    LOL  Be nice!  [​IMG]   
    Making a video like that takes a lot of guts - you won't see me doing that - and I really appreciate that DigitalFreak is spectacularly genuine - aside from providing a lot of info and making some good points.  
  6. Mach-X
    Actually I used to do reviews of old game consoles, so I know what its like... and I actually did one wearing a very similar PJ top...kicked myself after it was uploaded cause I didn't even notice during editing haha. I stopped doing them cause its time consuming and I never liked the finished product.
  7. zilch0md
    I think everyone can tell you were just poking fun.  I hope I didn't sound too judgmental of your comment.
  8. Mach-X
    No not at all, I just realized that I should have added some context to be sure nobody took it the wrong way :)
  9. DigitalFreak
    Looks like I got busted, lol. What can I say, when I'm messing around at home I usually throw on an old pair of jeans and a pajama top. I so need a haircut
  10. Gorillaz
    aren't you doing the same thing every time you buy any product or service? 
    the Pono player is another option on the market just as any other player at any price, people in this site seems to be happy with their $240 DX50 or $1000+ HM901 with their bugs and everything, but now people can't stand the idea of a $300-400 high-end player backed by a musician.
  11. DigitalFreak

    I don't think its so much the case of a celebrity backed product its more the case that in the past some of these celebrity backed products have been quite bad or mediocre therefore people have become cynical. Here's hoping we're all wrong and the player sounds as good as the advertising wants one to believe it is.
  12. Gorillaz
    I get your point but is not like he is selling it for $1000+ just as the other "high end" boutique daps that are filled with hardware problems and UI issues, at $300  in my personal opinion we can take a leap of faith knowing that is backed by well know companies.
  13. DigitalFreak

    Actually, its 399 and if it sounds like a good sounding 399 sounding player then i say awesome. If it doesn't, well, that's why so many people are cynical. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much hoping this player nails it in the sonics dept.
  14. Gorillaz
    well, I could not resist preordering  one for $300, I wanted to get the Pearl Jam Special Edition but they were sold out, in case it sound just as my Sansa clip I will recycle as gift for someone in Christmas!
  15. Hutnicks
    It's a sales tool. The DX and HM's and AK's are not. They are not expressly linked with with a music sales service. Thats the Apple model and as an alternative to that PONO gets credit. It's not the fact people cannot stand a player backed by a musician, it's the fact that it is being hyped as the only alternative out there.  Read the interviews and clearly Mr. Young wishes us to believe that high resolution audio does not exist outside of his system I find that very misleading and almost predatory, playing to the average music listeners ignorance of high res playback hardware and software.
    I have no opinion on the device itself until it hits market. I just think people should be aware of the whole picture and judge it's value accordingly when it does hit market.
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