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The Sad State Of The So Called Audiophile DAP Market

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by digitalfreak, Sep 23, 2013.
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  1. Gorillaz
    I also get your point, but you don't need to buy expensive music to use it, I am going to fill it with mp3 songs since like I have said before I cannot tell the difference between mp3 and other formats, but I truly believe that sound quality is affected by a well implemented dac and amp section so personally I am going after the hardware and UI of the Pono, so I really don't get all the hate that Neil Young and its creation is getting.
  2. Hutnicks

    You will:)
    When Neil hears you're going to put MP3's on his player he'll put a hit out on you[​IMG]
  3. Gorillaz
    lol, come on I'm just buying it because of the hardward and the UI
  4. Chris J
    Well I do like the fact that Neil says this is a FLAC only system, joe average music fan hates the confusion:
    FLAC or ALAC or ???
    Beta or VHS. (OK that's a tape format, but you get the idea)
    Blu Ray or HD-DVD
    SACD or DVD-Audio

    Oooops, my bad, it plays almost any format!
  5. DigitalFreak
    The big guy himself speaks out and explains himself. He's really putting himself out there by stating Pono will become bigger then vinyl. For his sake I hope Pono delivers in every way because if it doesn't he just set himself up to be tagged as a company buzz word man. As for the he never met anyone who couldn't tell a difference between an MP3 and high res, he should hang out on here for a bit. There's plenty of people on here who claim they can't hear a difference between an MP3 and FLAC file.

  6. Hutnicks

    Maybe you ought to send old Shakey an invite[​IMG]
    I rather lost faith in his technical assessments after watching Sound City. Where he extolls the virtue of the analog mixing console and goes on to say that the Cd was built with information loss designed into the format where analog was not. That particular console has over a hundred miles of wire in it and god knows how many thousand pots caps resistors etc. But of course it doesn't cause any loss at all[​IMG]
    All in all Pono will fly I suspect because whether wittingly or unwittingly it is the second pincer in a two pronged attack on Apple. Samsung knocked them out of the phone markets top seat and now Neil has a good chance at digging into their aging music distribution system.
    Clausewitz would be proud.[​IMG]
  7. DigitalFreak
    Maybe, but Apple isn't exactly overly concerned about their iPods or even their music distribution store anymore. Right now its obvious to me they're switching gears and looking into a better streaming service setup, the cloud and how it can be used for media is where they have their sights set on. They're starting to treat the iPod as well as their music store that delivers physical digital files as legacy.
  8. Hutnicks

    And that's a mistake. They are taking their financial cash cow for granted, which leaves a big hole for someone to walk into. Traditionally Apple only works well as an organization when they have a radical new hardware device to hawk. It's been quite a while now.
  9. truckdriver
    I hope the PONO venture results in more re-mastering of some 60s thru 80s albums with a renewed SQ focus (like the 2009 Beatles thing). And, it would be cool if Amazon, iTunes, Google, Microsoft, et al. would sell individual tracks for 20 cents per track more than the normal encoding.
  10. Mimouille
    I hope it results in less toblerone shaped DAPs.
    reginalb and bearFNF like this.
  11. miceblue
    I hope the re-masters, if any, are good. Lord knows how many ridiculous numbers of re-masters of old albums there are, and how few of them sound okay.

    Dark Side of the Moon anyone?
  12. truckdriver
    There will be at least one, but maybe PONO 2 will be shaped like a Cadbury egg (with a scratch-n-sniff chocolate smell).
    Me too.
  13. Chris J
    How about another Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" remaster?
  14. Mach-X
    They've already been remastered a zillion times. What audio quality do you believe could be recovered from 40 year old tapes that hasnt already been recovered. They only get older and worse every time that is done. Also why should the record companies get a free pass to charge more for skipping the step of down sampling?
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Ok, so I've had the DX50 loaner unit with me a few days, which arrived on firmware 1.2.2, I had a quick listen it seemed to sound a fraction cleaner than I remember way back on release date? I really can't remember which firmware I was on back then (it would of been one just after that volume bug was fixed). Anyway, separation is the same  rather weak, the stage sounded roughly the same, narrow, maybe a little bit wider on firmware 1.2.2? I got the firmware installed to 1.2.8 and it sounds better than I remember way back last year, at least it seems to not have that labouring effect I remember where I had to pump the amp section super hard to get detail to push out.

     I also noticed between firmware 1.2.2 and 1.2.8 I need much less volume on  1.2.8 to get my desired listening level. I can report the player has not frozen once since I've had it these few days, it has been running rather well actually and scanned my cards no problem. There is however an awful pop sound going through my IEM's when powering up the DX50, apart from that it's doing everything it's suppose to, so far. The person I borrowed it from offered me to buy it for basically peanuts so I've taken up the opportunity as a long term project and will continue to use the player and test it. They seem to hold resale value so moving it on again won't be a problem.

    I don't mind the sound of it to much on this most recent firmware, but if they could just tighten up the separation I'd be much happier.

    I must say though it does appear a lot more stable on this most recent firmware, if you guys went through what I did way back last year with the volume bug, card reading problems, random freezing, the touch screen becoming unresponsive, battery meter not working you would fully understand why this thread was created originally. Moving on almost 7 months later of firmware updates it seems DX50 is close to stable. But lets not speak to soon. 

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