The RMAA (RightMark Audio Analyzer) Source and Audio Device Measurement Thread [Overview of Measurements in Post #3, Tutorial in Post #2]

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by hifichris, Mar 1, 2016.
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  1. ThomasHK
    (love you guys, keep up the good work!)
  2. HiFiChris Contributor
    For those who are curious, the iBasso DX200's output impedance is definitely below 0.5 Ohms with the stock amp module it comes with. I'll probably post the measurements here in the next days.
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  3. hakuzen
    I'd also love to know iBasso PB3 amplifier output impedance, and FR response unloaded and loaded with critical IEMs. Just to check if there is some highs roll-off unloaded, like iBasso D14, and to check the behavior of that super capacitor with a low impedance load.
    I've purchased a decent ADC at last (E-MU 0404 USB), and its line-out (flat extended low noise) could be used when paired with the right amplifier, to measure all kind of IEMs (so I ended the search of the ideal USB DAC to measure IEMs, and the seek for the ideal amplifier has begun).
    If a PB3 falls in your (all subscribers of this thread) hands, please measure it.
  4. HiFiChris Contributor
    iBasso DX200 (stock "Amp 1" amplifier module, single-ended output):

    No Load (Filter #4):

    Loaded (Filter #4, Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10):
    iBasso claims around 0.3 Ohms (both for the single-ended and balanced headphone output) - seems very plausible.

    Digital Filters (unloaded):
    1NL.jpg   DSC01763.jpg
    2NL.jpg   DSC01764.jpg
    3NL.jpg   DSC01765.jpg
    4NL.jpg   DSC01766.jpg
    5NL.jpg   DSC01767.jpg
    6NL.jpg   DSC01768.jpg
    7NL.jpg   DSC01769.jpg
  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    In addition to @hakuzen's xDuoo X3 measurements, here are mine with the Triple.Fi 10 and the addition of a measurement of the Line Out:

    xDuoo X3 (RockBox):

    Headphone Out, No Load:


    Headphone Out, Triple.Fi 10:


    Line Out:

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  6. HiFiChris Contributor
    Hey guys, just a quick question - where is the option to move graphs up and down on the Y-axis? I knew that I once found it but cannot find it right now.

    ///edit: Nevermind, found it.
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  7. Samueru Sama
  8. castleofargh Contributor
    my cheapest is an old sony XBA-c10 and I had it for a massive 30$!!!!!!! ^_^
    I checked but the never used or damaged stuff I have around is all with dynamic driver and really small or no impedance change at all. maybe someone not far from you would give a damaged BA IEM for the cost of delivery? as long as one driver is making noise, even if the nozzle is crushed or one side is cut off, that would probably still be fine for your intended purpose.
    I thought I still had one xba1 driver(I ruined the other one trying to solder a cable on the surface they said...), but I can't find it, probably went to the garbage to hide my failure. if I can find it and it works I'll measure the impedance and come back to you, but don't hold your breath.
  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    Cowon Plenue 2 (single-ended output):

    No Load:


    Triple.Fi 10:

    TripleFi 10.jpg

    => Very good 0.6 Ohms output impedance, as also stated by Cowon, confirmed.

    All Digital Filters:



    Semi-Parametric EQ:


    JetEffect Frequency.jpg


    JetEffect Bandwidth.jpg


    JetEffect BBE.jpg


    JetEffect Mach3Bass.jpg

    Finally found the time to post my measurements...

    PS: The Plenue 2 is a delight for all people who are generally sensitive to perceiving hiss and are using very sensitive IEMs. It even somewhat outperforms my beloved iBasso DX90 in this regard, whom I considered to be the best standalone DAP with low output impedance when it comes to being hiss-free with super sensitive IEMs.

    PPS: I'm personally really not sure what to think of Head-Fi's new design and layout (well, I actually am, and while I don't think anymore that it sucks as much as I did when they switched over to the new infrastructure, I better shouldn't comment about it in public as what I'm thinking of it is not so nice (imo they destroyed the user experience and ease of navigation)).
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  10. HiFiChris Contributor
    iBasso DX200 - AMP2 Module:

    Unloaded (Filter #4):

    AMP2 no load.jpg

    Loaded (Filter #4, Triple.Fi 10):

    AMP2 TripleFi 10.jpg
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  11. danspy

    Fiio A1

    Frequency response

    Frequency response + KZ ZS5 Locking Good!


    Noise level + KZ ZS5 The Noise Locks even better den Unloaded!


    THD + Noise (at -3 dB FS)

    Noise level

    Stereo crosstalk

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  12. HiFiChris Contributor
    Thanks, I've added it to the overview in post #3.
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  13. danspy
    Avantree Clipper Pro (Bluetooth 4.2 aptx low latency clip-on)

    Not bad for Bluetooth, the sound is a bit cramped at the topend because of the high frequency filter. The Output Impedance is abut 5 Ohm.

    Frequency response

    Frequency response + KZ ZS5

    THD + Noise (at -3 dB FS)

    Noise level


    Stereo crosstalk


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  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    Mass Fidelity Relay (Bluetooth DAC):

  15. danspy
    Sony XA + KZ ZS5 And KZ ATE

    The Sony XA did not work with just the soundcard load, so i used the mild 16Ohm Load of the KZ ATE.

    The heights on this Phone Sound amazingsingly Crisp and Detailed without getting Aggressive at all, Amplified with Low OutputImpedance of course.

    OutputImpedance about 40 Ohm.


    The crosstalk is just about OK.

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