The Review Tour of FiiO Q1 Mark II Apple MFi Certified DAC & Amp Starts Right Now.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Jul 17, 2017.
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  1. Lifted Andreas
    Honestly you are right, I've missed having hardware bass boost and volume control. Plus I'm so used to the FiiO house sound. Even though I probably could have got a Dragonfly for cheaper I ended up buying the FiiO Q1ii last night from Amazon Prime (FiiO store) so it should get delivered today.

    One thing I'm disappointed about is that for some reason FiiO doesn't supply a cable for Android in the box, but they include PC and Apple cables. Why is that?

    Also there no mention anywhere if Q1ii can do MQA files, played from Tidal for example. That's strange that there's no official support for that, as it's the biggest new feature in music streaming services.

    I hear ya! :D
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  2. Brooko Contributor
    Because it was designed with the Apple eco system in mind (has received official certification too) - mainly to work with Jack removal on the later iPhones.

    As far as MQA goes, it has still very limited adoption, and isn’t a sure bet to survive. I definitely won’t be using it and doubt the majority care if it tanks. FiiO made a business decision- IMO it was the right one for now.
  3. Lifted Andreas
    Received the Q1ii today and OMG its a beauty of a device, but I wouldn’t expect anything less than that from FiiO. Its sounds fantastic and is a direct upgrade to my now year old FiiO K1.

    I must say for the low price of £35.99 for the FiiO K1 that tiny device kicks serious ass. However, from the last hour of listening the Q1ii sounds more forward with greater resolution and sound stage while still having that house FiiO sound. Its slightly darker and less thick than the K1, as well as way more airy and refined.

    Hopefully there will be a possibility to take advantage of MQA in the future on this device, since Sony, Warner and Universal have all adopted MQA so far and lots of master recordings are being made available for streaming in FLAC format. I don't see why the Q1ii couldn't support this.

    Also, as always from FiiO the packaging and accessories are fantastic. However, I would easily have paid an extra £1 to throw in a Micro-USB to Micro-USB cable for use with Android phones.

    I took some pics of it today, you can view the full Imgur gallery here –

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  4. FiiO
    Dear friend,
    How come FiiO Q1 Mark II is not advertised as a DAC for android phones:
    Considering the uncertainty of system compatibility and the possibility of causing phones to supply power to Q1MKII, the Q1MKII is not advertised as a DAC for Android phones. So the cable for Android phones would not comes with the Q1MKII as well.
    Best regards
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  5. Lifted Andreas
    After reading the thread form the beginning I understand your choice for this.

    Any chance you could speculate on MQA support in the future? I don't see why it wouldn't be possible with the Q1ii.
  6. darmanastartes
  7. DarthCh0l0
    I haven't found an Android phone it didn't work with yet. A good cable is hard to find. They all charge the DAC that drains better.but they all transmit audio just fine.

    I found a other usbc to micro that's OTG on both ends so it doesn't pass charging current.
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  8. darmanastartes
  9. DarthCh0l0
    Purple light is the tell tale sign.
  10. VDRIVN
    I managed to create a windows Icon for the Q1MkII to display in the audio devices window. Whoever wants it can PM me.
    I currently have it on my work laptop and it looks great.



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  11. slackerpo
    it looks great indeed
  12. demond
    That's great. I'm ashamed. It should have been more thoughtful.
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  13. slackerpo
    hahahaha :o2smile:
  14. Lifted Andreas
    Ah you can't think of everything sometimes. Don't worry.
  15. VDRIVN
    I just listened to a binaural DSD256 file on the MkII and I have to say I'm blown away. Even with my closed headphones. Highly recommend it to everyone who owns the device.
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