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The PERFECT digital AUDIO player.......

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by lff, Mar 27, 2010.
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  1. Sonic Atrocity
    Interesting OP. I am currently on the market for a portable rig and am looking for the flattest frequency response (without reducing quality) possible. I have heard the Clip+ is great (as the OP stated) but that the frequency response isn't flat. My research has not made me aware of any such thing (flat FR) thus far in regards to DAPs. I have wondered though, if having a good on-board equalizer (or an equalizer in any other capacity in regards to my portable rig... keep in mind I am learning and am a n00b) could compensate for the non-flat frequency response and ultimately achieve the same effect (I believe I may need pink noise or sine waves to do this...?). 
    I understand that the cans I choose can definitely affect my quest for a flat frequency response that results in sonic fidelity and am planning on consulting the headphones (full-size) forum on this matter but here I am most concerned about my DAP and how a DAC and portable amp could affect the frequency response. Any responses would be greatly appreciated! Please, help me out! Thanks for taking the time to read my n00b saturated post.
  2. LFF
    I feel the Clip+ sounds relatively flat. If you rockbox it, you can have it sound anyway you darn well please. Add that in with a nice amp and some DBA-02's and then you'll have a portable source system that won't break the bank but will certainly be top notch.
  3. stonecaper
    hi LFF,
    I Live In india,However my Sis Is In US and i told her to bring me a SSC+ 4Gigs
    I Heard the Idea of rockboxing a Long ago,but Now that my clip Plus Will be Here I Might wanna try my hand at it.
    But i am a N00b and Afraid that i Might Brick the clip plus While Rockboxing it.
    can u Point me to a fail safe method?
    So that i can revert back even if Something goes Wrong?
    Also there are bugs In Rockboxes too,So How can one Update theM?
    Waiting for ur reply
  4. LFF


    PM on the way!
  5. Sonic Atrocity


    Hmm, if it isn't flat would Rockboxing make it possible to be flat? I am looking to have a completely flat rig. Also, how would I know if it is flat? Are there tools I can use to acquire such information?
  6. violinvirtuoso

    Look at RMAA Tests of the Clip+. They are fairly flat. If anything isn't flat, you can use the EQ settings of Rockbox to make it flat.
  7. jrazmar


    Thanks for the response, kostalex. Your reviews are always great. The right hand side of my PK1 is already broken but still usable. i just taped it so I could still use it on my daily commute. Now, that TM5 is back in their website I'm kinda bit confused whether to get it or not. First and foremost, it's the budget that I'm concerned of. $195 for an earbud. I got my PK1 used for only $110 with shipping already. Just want to know if it's worth the upgrade for such a big difference in price. Plus with almost the same type of cable as I could see it, I'm afraid it might have the same fate in the future as my PK1 had. :) Yes I have read your reviews and not just the one you referenced here but almost all of your reviews. I find it amusing to read and I really enjoyed every bit of time I spent reading them all.
    But your conclusion is not really strong about your preference with TM5 over PK1. Hope you could give me a straightforward insight about which one to get.
  8. kostalex
    Get PK3. I do not use PK1 or TM5 outside, they are too expensive to risk. Moreover, noisy environments do not allow to exploit SQ benefits which PK1 and TM5 provide. PK3 is most appropriate for noisy places by sound sig, inexpensive and does sound good and fun. And you may get rid of amp also when outside. It also has rubber cables which are more convenient on the road and likely will survive better.
    So do I, using PK3 outside (Clip+ or Nano 1st gen), TM5 at home (from iPod, from iPod > Meier Move, laptop or HDP). 

  9. Sonic Atrocity


    Sorry, N00b alert. I'm still learning. How would I assure that my EQ settings make it flat? What would be my reference point?
  10. khbaur330162
    For the price, the Clip and Fuze offer a crazy bang-to-buck ratio... It really is insane. That said, and never having heard either units' line-out with an amp, I think it sounds slightly muffled with slightly less detail than either of my iRivers (H320 and H120). The Fuze headphone out also has issues driving my iM716's (37.5 ohm inline resistors and no P-S adapter). I pretty much have to max it. While working out/running I use a Fuze with armband and my brother uses a Clip. If I'm just going out, on the other hand, or just around the house, I'll reach for a less pocket friendly setup every time.
    If you have the money there's better sounding units out there. For the price it can't be beat. And again, take my comments with a big grain of salt as I've never heard the line-out.
  11. bscott
    I like my Macbook Pro w/Vox in 24 bit :)
  12. violinvirtuoso


    Price/Performance Ratio for Audio only...not so good. Overall versatility...great.
  13. bscott
    haha, very true :)

  14. Edwood
    Well, the build quality of the Clip+ leaves a little to be desired.  The Clip broke off on mine, the pivot points for the clip is really small and fragile.  But funny thing is I like how much smaller it is without the clip.  I shaved down the protrusions on the back, and will put a patch of velcro instead, so I can stick it to places instead of clipping.  My bag has a lot of velcro, so there will be many places to affix it.
    Guess I have to call it the Clipless+ or Clip- now, haha.
  15. djray
    Are you guys buying the Clip+ / Fuze refurbished?  Because you can't really buy them first-hand.  Plus the cost of buying a first-hand one vs. refurbished is making me lean towards a refurb.
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