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The PERFECT digital AUDIO player.......

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by lff, Mar 27, 2010.
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  1. LFF
    ***DISCLAIMER***These are my initial impressions and I'll update this once I spend more time listening and comparing.***DISCLAIMER***

    I joined head-fi a long time ago. While I might not have been among the very first, I have been here a long, long time.

    When I joined I already had a portable rig. In fact, I had two. One consisted of a mini CD player and some Coby earbuds. My main rig consisted of an RCA Lyra player with a whopping 256MB flash card and those same Coby earbuds. I was happy. My father, who has always loved music, gifted me a pair of Sony earbuds that were a clear upgrade to those Coby buds. I was really happy. I then upgraded to one of the first Zen players with a HUGE 20GB drive and those same Sony buds.

    When I got a job, I was finally able to afford an iPod...again...with those awesome Sony buds. Soon after, I joined head-fi. The Sony buds became Shure E3's and my journey continued and climaxed with my portable rig consisting of a RSA Hornet, UE-10's, an ALO Cotton LOD and my iPOD 5.5G.

    Five years later and my iPOD is dying out on me. It stalls and sometimes, doesn't play music at all. I was sad. [​IMG] The economy isn't exactly welcoming me to buy a nice new iTouch 64GB model or anything else that's rather fancy. Thus I started from square one and began doing my research. I wanted a player with decent battery life (6 - 10 hours minimum), portable, that could play FLAC and above all - that had great sound quality.

    My research landed me with several contenders and I managed to try out a few of them over the past few weeks. After much going back and forth I decided upon a Sansa.

    But which one?

    The Fuze was a clear winner. Nice battery life, it can play FLAC, great sound quality, video capability was nice, nice UI. However, I didn't really need the video function as I rarely used it on my iPod 5.5G. Enter..The Clip+. Same sound quality...tiny form factor...awesome portability...awesome sound...decent battery life...AWESOME!

    I purchased my Clip+ based upon my needs and mostly based upon the sound quality. Being a cheapskate, I opted for the cheapest shipping price and began to wait.

    During the wait ROCKBOX became available for the Clip+. I began to read about it while patiently waiting for my Clip+.

    Yesterday, my Clip+ arrived and I immediately Rockboxed it, configured it...listened to it...configured it some more and listened some more. Installed DFKT's theme and continued to tweak and listen.

    The result looks just like DFTK's:


    The verdict...perfection. The sound quality with FLAT EQ is just fantastic. With a little EQ, it's absolute perfection for me. The interface now plays all the major codecs I use, it has cuesheet support and even some cool little games. While the Rockbox firmware is far from final, it's rather good at this point in time.

    If you're looking for a perfect little DAP that is portable, easy to use and that has amazing sound quality, don't hesitate to get a Clip+. I had high expectations but this little player has exceeded them all.

    If any of you would like my custom settings for a Rockbox'd Clip+, PM me and I'll fill you in.
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  2. josesol07
    Hi LFF, I had my mind set on buying a westone 2 as an upgrade to Klipsch X10 IEM, which until now I considered the best I have heard regrading portable audio. I'm far from being an audiophile but love music, and quite new to this amazing and exciting IEM world!! (kudos to Head-fi!!)
    Well, after reading your review I made my mind on purchasing DBA-02 from Fischer Audio. I wonder if switching from Ipod 5 gen to Sansa Cilp+ would give an improvement soundwise!!
    thank you very much!
  3. LFF
    Hi Jose,
    I find that the Sansa Clip+ does indeed sound better than any iPod. However, to get it to sound it's best you will need to Rockbox it and I would recommend an amp as well.

    The DBA-02 will definitely show you the differences between equipment set-ups. It's a fantastic IEM.
  4. josesol07
    I'm totally noob about portable amps. Any recommendation on the cheap side for initiation? thanks in advance
  5. KaraSinek
    is rockbox stable on clip+ ? site notes that usb isnt running?
    cheapest but useable headphone amp is: Fiio E5 -> later DIY opamp based candy amp's aka CMOY (could be found on ebay) and so on... depends on your budget
  6. kostalex
    LFF, why would not you post your settings here in the thread? I am curious how the SQ can be improved with the Rockbox, but I have some doubts if this is possible. So I'd like to get a picture before I will bother with Rockboxing. Please.

  7. violinvirtuoso

    The main adeded feature (AFAIK) is Rockbox gives you tons of EQ options.
  8. LFF
    The setting I initially talked about were before Rockbox came out with write support. You guys no longer need my settings. Trust me on that. [​IMG]
  9. kostalex
    So, does Rockbox improved Clip+ SQ?
  10. LFF


    I believe it does. With all the features it has, you can tailor it to sound fantastic according to your specific sound signature preferences.
  11. Achmedisdead


    Agreed 100%.
  12. jrazmar
    Been using my Fuze with Rockbox for months now. Good synergy with T4 and PK1. I wonder if Clip+ will produce the same if not better SQ.
    Kostalex, TM5 is again available in their website. I believe you're the right person to ask about earbuds SQ. Do you think going from PK1 to TM5 will be a big leap? I'm still confused whether to buy because it's very expensive ($195 with shipping). Need your advice. Thanks.
  13. LFF
    If you want some awesome buds for your Fuze look no further than the Fischer Audio DBA-02. Bugden Audio has them on special until the 5th and they are well under your budget.
  14. Dev Avidon
    I dunno...perfect is an awful strong adjective.  I finally bit the bullet and bought an HM-801, and while I love it to pieces, I don't even consider it to be perfect per se (and that's from a purely sound quality perspective; nevermind that it's reliant on SD cards and has an 8 hour battery life...).  That said, as we both know, I am largely aligned with your sonic preferences.  Maybe I shouldn't have dropped 800 bones that quickly...
  15. kostalex
    I made an extensive comparison of TM5 vs PK1 here. If it does not answer your question, then would you please tell me more specifically what are you interested in? I would like to append the review if it is not satisfactory.

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