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    Genuine and passionate people.
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    Headphone Inventory:
    --- DRZX701IP / U70 ---
    Sony DRZX701IP frame, gutted, Bang and Olufsen U70 drivers installed, recabled with y-split vintage ortho cable of forgotten origin. The U70 drivers have a tendency to cut in and out when removed from their original enclosure, ime. I'm using pennies to push up between the U70's center pin and the back of the driver housing. I've yet to properly damp these headphones so they are "under construction," but once finished will be gifted to someone special to me. As of right now these are one of my favorite headphones that I own.

    --- F1000 ---
    Sony MDR-F1 housing with AKG K1000 drivers, torque hinges for driver adjustment, stock MDR-F1 cable <- oops.

    --- Fostex T10 ---
    dBel84 modded with Arctic Bamboo, and rayon/wool felt

    --- ATH-M2/PMB 6 ---
    Grill modded ATH-M2 frame, PMB 6 drivers

    --- Technics EAH-820 ---
    Regrettably, these have undergone some irreversible modification. (For science!)
    --- Technics EAH-830 ---
    Stock, unopened.

    --- Griffin Woodtones ---
    Stock. Surprised by SQ given their price, but not good enough to keep in their current form, imo. Plan to use enclosure/pad/cable combination for future franken-endeavors when time allows.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fallen Angel built PPAS (AD8066/AD825/LMH6321) -Repaired! Thank you, Pavel!!! Sounds great. :D-
    Source Inventory:
    TRL Modified Sony SCD-CE595 -fixed and upgraded!!!-
    Oritek modded Zhaolu D2.0
    Lite DAC-AH, bypass cap modded -needs repair/modification, wouldn't mind speaking to someone with knowledge in this department-
    iRiver H360 Rockboxed, cap modded, 3500mAh battery installed (case modded to support larger battery)
    Sansa Fuze Rockboxed
    Astell & Kern AK100
    Power-Related Components:
    Acopian 24EB35 AC/DC Module


    you have the moon and the last place by the angle, and a lullaby
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