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The ORIVETI PRIMACY and NEW PRIMACY Triple-Driver Hybrid In-Ears Impressions and Discussions Thread

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  1. HiFiChris Contributor

    Company Website: http://www.oriveti.com/

    Head-Fi Product Page:

    PRIMACY: http://www.head-fi.org/products/ori...h-fidelity-cable-detachable-in-ear-headphones

    NEW PRIMACY: http://www.head-fi.org/products/oriveti-new-primacy-premium-triple-driver-hybrid-hifi-iem-headphones

    AFFINITY Cable: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/oriveti-affinity.22627/

    Have you heard of the brand ORIVETI and their PRIMACY IEMs? Most likely not, so I'll briefly introduce you to them.

    ORIVETI is a new company on the market, having established in 2015.
    Although they are new, they have experienced people in their team who are in the industry for more than 10 years - which can be very well heard, as their first product, the PRIMACY IEMs, which are triple-driver hybrid in-ears with a three-way crossover, are delicately tuned to a smooth, unexciting (in a very positive way) signature that I'd described as a more relaxed v-shape, however no frequency band is missing.

    Listening to the IEMs for almost two weeks, I can say that they did a very good job and the IEMs are a very positive discovery of the new-born year 2016, offering really nice build quality, an excellent cable and good sound for a price of $299.

    This thread is dedicated to the PRIMACY and NEW PRIMACY, so feel free to share your impressions, comparisons, pictures and thoughts!

    For now, please enjoy some pictures I took of the PRIMACY:

    P1020912.jpg P1020913.jpg
    P1020918.jpg P1020922.jpg
    P1020927.jpg P1020928.jpg
    P1020929.jpg P1020930.jpg
    P1020932.jpg P1020935.jpg
    P1020936.jpg P1020940.jpg
    P1020943.jpg P1020944.jpg

    About one year has passed, and ORIVETI has discontinued the PRIMACY, in order to release the NEW PRIMACY. It doesn't only feature a new, braided 8-wire cable, but also a different internal structure and re-tuned tonality according to ORIVETI. And indeed, as the first impressions show, its housings are different to the "old" model.

    In a modern audio world where successors and facelifts are often released with an upcharge, it is refreshing to see that ORIVETI is keeping the same retail price for the NEW PRIMACY, which is $299.

    Whether you are an owner of the PRIMACY or have got the NEW PRIMACY, feel free to join the thread.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
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  2. Brooko Contributor
    Review posted - these are pretty amazing
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  3. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Oriveti Primacy, Enjoy!
  4. flinkenick
    This is the official Primacy thread right? I'm receiving a pair tomorrow, sounds like you guys were pretty content with them. 
    Quick question - does anyone know where they're established? I'm guessing they're Asian, although their name has an Italian ring to it :wink:
  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    Indeed, this is the official thread (I asked the owner if I could/should create a thread for the in-ears and he happily said "yes").

    Listening to the IEMs for bit more than three weeks extensively every day, I can say that they are really good and I also personally like many things about them. Will probably publish my review sometime next week.
  6. flinkenick
    Alright buddy looking forward to your review - glad to hear you're enjoying them.
    Do you know where the company is based?
  7. HiFiChris Contributor
    Yeah, very smooth and easy-going yet detailed signature.

    Designed in the U.K., manufactured in China (where the company is based as well).
  8. flinkenick
    Alright thanks man.
    ps. It's very clear what you mean in your intro, but from a linguistic perspective 'unexciting' kinda inherently has a negative connotation - maybe you mean non-fatuiging? I'm aware I'm nitpicking here :wink:
  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    No, I really meant unexciting in the initial post. [​IMG]

    I'll just copy what I'm planning to write at the beginning of the "Resolution" paragraph of my review for a better comprehension how it is meant:
  10. flinkenick
    Aah gotcha - 'unexciting' in its presentation, I understand what you mean. I'm getting a better sense of it now. Detail retrieval from its presentation rather than brightness - that's a good sign. So I'm guessing the signature is also slightly warm from neutral, for softer tones. 
  11. Brooko Contributor
    Chris - you nailed that really well.
    The Primacy is another one of those IEMs that sounds good the first time you listen to it - but doesn't make you go wow! (at first anyway) It's only after extended listening that you start to realise how good it is. Detail without shoving it in your face.  Bass when its in the music, and not constantly there.  Fantastic fit, and really good build.  All adds up to a very competent IEM.
  12. HiFlight
    Ahhhhhh....you guys just make the OP's sound too good for my weak willpower to resist... therefore, mine are due to arrive on Saturday...
  13. flinkenick
    Well after the previous posts I've gotta say it sounds pretty much like I expected. I like its smooth midcentric tonality from the go, because it reminds me of.. Zeus. This sounds like a mini-Zeus, lol! 
  14. HiFlight
    My Oriveti's just arrived and at first listen, they sound very good with a variety of different genre's. I have noticed no spikes, sibilance or other audio aberations thus far. Vocal and instrumental timbre sounds very lifelike. Build quality is among the best I have seen, as is the quality of the cable. This is one of the first IEM"s that I have owned that included tips in the assortment that give me a perfect fit with no need to rummage through my tip stash.

    It is truly amazing how much can be fitted into such a small shell!

    I can easily see these being a daily driver as the SQ, comfort and seal really seem to fit my preferences.
  15. Uncle E1
    portable rig while hard at work
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