The Official Sony TA-ZH1ES Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier (Live From IFA 2016)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by thatonenoob, Sep 1, 2016.
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  1. Lemieux66

    Btw are you connecting the HAP-ZH1ES into the TA-ZH1ES via USB? I was under the impression only the analogue outputs could output music from this unit?
  2. asquare3376
    With the latest firmware update, you can use the usb port to output music as well. You have to select this under settings.
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  3. S-O8
    I've skim read all the pages of this thread over the last few days and was pleased to see my experiences of this amp are shared by others. I've only had it a week but paired to Focal Utopia's it is stunning ! Over 100 hrs on both now but tbh after about 6 hours it sounded the same as now to my ears.

    I had a Pioneer U-05 and that was great but the Utopia's seemed too bright with it. I had tried the Utopia's on the Sony amp before buying them and knew if I got them it would have to be a double purchase. The credit card took a massive hit but I am really happy and the other headphones I have just don't cut it compared.

    It will be bye bye to Grado GS1000e's, Oppo PM-2's and Audeze EL-8's ... all of which sounded great on the Pioneer but sound veiled and foggy in comparison to the Utopia / Sony combo.

    *** Edited to add that after 200+ hours the other headphones all sound great too - especially the Oppo PM-2 ... just shows - to me - that a good burn in helps. Needless to say, the Focal's are sounding even better ! ***
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  4. Boogie7910
    I have a Jot and Gumby Schiit stack. How does that compare to the TA?
  5. Lemieux66
    Anyone using the ZH1ES with the Signature Series DAPs and Z1R headphones? I've got the WM1A and the Z1R and wonder whether its worth getting the dac/amp?
  6. S-O8
    Do people leave the upsampling modes on or off - DSEE HX and DSD RM ?

    Out of the box they are on but I wondered what people's views are - do they make a difference or not ? I am listening with Focal Utopia's and tbh the unit and these headphones as they are with the settings to 'on' sounds great !

    Just wondered what others do ....
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  7. zykorex
    How does the Sound signature of ZH1ES compare to WM1Z? Sorry if this has been asked before. I wasn't able to find an answer through a search.
  8. gsiu33
    Any good USB cable recommend for Notebook connect to the AMP?

  9. S-O8
    I'm using a Vertere D-Fi usb cable from my MacBook Pro to the amp. Very good but costly.
  10. gsiu33
    Hi S-O8,

    I just checked their web site, seems no online ordering and no pricing.

    How much does it cost? I just received the Amp this afternoon and it is my first time to use Win-notebook as a source, so not familiar with the brand names of the USB cable.


  11. Wikinaut
    Why not try the included USB cable and see if you dislike it. I haven't noticed any issues with it. My setup is Surface Pro -> Surface Hub -> Amp -> Focal Elear.
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  12. gsiu33
    I am using the stock USB cable, pre out to my home audio system, the sound is awesome. Just would like to see if there is significant improvement by replacing the stock USB cable.

    Cheers and Merry X'mas to all.

  13. S-O8
    They do a single cable and a double which separates the power from the signal. I think it is about £80 for a one metre single and roughly double for the double wired one. I got a double at 2m long which was £240. Prob overkill but I'm happy.
  14. TennRed
    I’m using Audioquest Carbon. I was skeptical but I must admit there was a clearly identifiable difference between the Carbon and the included cable.
  15. S-O8
    I bought the D-Fi because I am using the amp with Focal Clear's and Utopia's ... so wanted to make sure even if there was not much difference to a std cable I was getting the most out of what I have. I also have the single version of the D-Fi and tbh I don't hear any difference between the single and double with Tidal Masters ... both are great though I have not done a strict back to back test as cba :D
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