The Official Sony TA-ZH1ES Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier (Live From IFA 2016)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by thatonenoob, Sep 1, 2016.
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  1. TSAVJason
    Pittsburgh needs to wake up and drop by Music To My Ear to audition gear and develop a relationship with a great customer service based retailer.
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  2. banco-sg
    We have the same sentiment, initially i felt that ZH1ES and Z1R is tad too warm and too laid back, but after more hours, i do understand what sony is trying to achieve with their signature series, which i really appreciate.
    the sony combo never harsh and just fun, engaging, not tiring.
  3. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes for just enjoying and listening to the music rather than listening to the gear or analyzing the music
  4. UncleMike
    As a relative newcomer to Headfi, I have been trying to decide on an amp and or amp/dac for my Utopia headphones.
    Is the Sony considered an excellent solution for the Utopias? I think I would prefer solid state as I don't want to deal with tubes but want the best sound quality I can get.

    Unfortunately, I have little available locally to audition.

    Reading through this discussion, It seems many folks like the Sony.
    Appreciate your thoughts.

    Uncle Mike
  5. ichibahnwrx
    I'm considering selling my TA-ZH1ES. I am looking for a more analogue/lively sound. The Sony sounds pretty dull with my A8X monitors, and I have been eyeing a Multibit balanced Schiit for years. My source music is almost never DSD, but plenty of hi-res stuff. I have no idea what I am going to use for a HP amp in its place. I have small power requirements, but I want to stay balanced and keep a large soundstage. I am not in love with the idea of tubes, but I have looked into a Mjolnir 2. Any thoughts from you all?
  6. Gibraltar
    The Holo Spring DAC might be just what you're looking for, and it has R2R ladders for both PCM and DSD. If you don't need DSD it looks like Holo will be releasing a mid-range model that only does PCM and has a built-in headphone amp. Details on the last page of that thread. I had the Spring in house for a month or so and 'analog and lively' is almost exactly how I would describe the sound.
  7. TennRed
    Just ordered the H1. Currently have pha 3 and Z7 with UAPP on my Pixel XL. What can I expect?
  8. purk Contributor
    Great sound of course. However, the ZH1ES deserves a much better headphones than th Z7. You probably can't go back to the PHA-3 afterward.
  9. TennRed
    Im aware that the Z7 is not on the H1's level. I have to upgrade on piece at a time. H1 vs Pha 3?
  10. purk Contributor
    As great the PHA3 is, it is still a portable device so space is limited for good parts. The ZH1ES is a solid mid highend DAC/AMP combo and a very good one at that. The jump between the PHA3 to ZH1ES will be substantial in all sonic departments. The ZH1ES's best quality is its very smooth and holographic presentation. Bass is textured and go very deep. The only drawback is that it can be overly smooth and lack dynamic punch some times. Still, it offers a very refined presentation in one very gorgeous package..
  11. TennRed
    Wow! Just wow.

    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
  12. TennRed
    Guy selling “ Demo” units on eBay for $1529. I got a brand new sealed unit. What a great deal.
  13. TennRed

    Streaming from Tidal at 24 bits. Nice!
  14. Lemieux66
    Well, I've got the WM1A and the Z1R arrived today, now all I need is the Signature amp!

    A question though - If I connect the TA-ZH1ES to my laptop with USB, can I just use MediaGo to play tracks into the amp without having to go through complex setup procedures?
  15. asquare3376
    Sure you can use MediaGo. To enhance performance you can choose bit perfect playback from settings. I don't remember where exactly it is but if you can't find it, message me
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