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The Official JRPG Thread (aka Japanese Role Playing Games)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Mar 10, 2012.
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  1. Saoshyant
    Thing is, I personally preferred FF4 to FF6.
  2. protoss

    Yea FF4 has that nostalgic factor in it. Right from the start on the Red Wing to the betrayal to becoming a paladin to the lava world to space. Its great. But personally FF6 had that epic detail saga within the game that makes it amazing.
  3. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Sega CD lacked the graphics, the fmv videos (COME ON, THE BOAT SONG IS TIMELESS). It was a more complete version of the game. I can argue that Silver Star Harmony on PSP was the best version, but they messed with the songs, which irritated me, though literally everything else was way better than the other versions.
  4. protoss
    Hahahaha that boat song. It truly brainwash everyone.

    Looks like 3 things you picked off in each port.

    So let's say this.

    Sega CD soundtrack , Ps1 boat song and Psp graphics and style.

    There we go. The Ultimate edition Lunar!!!
  5. protoss
    These are all on Android play store legal !! Work %100. I was the beta tester for all and there all lovely !!

    (Nothing is better than these trust me)

    Drastic - DS
    FPSE - PS1 - beta tested 20 RPGS on this emulator and beaten 15. Such as, lagoon and FF9 etch 4 disc easy handle!
    Mame4driod -Arcades I have 10,000 roms working
    My boy! -Gameboy Advance
    Snes9x EX+ - Snes
    Reicast - Dreamcast (playing marvel vs capcom 2 right now on my phone lol) grandia 2 works , hehehe
    MD.emu - Sega genesis/MDX/ CD - Yes Sega CD works and you can play snatcher! On your phone
    UoYabause - Sega Saturn
    PPSSPP - Psp- beat crisis core on my phone
    N64iod 2.7 - Secret N64 only apk on google.... nothing's better than this n64 emulator even the older revisions is beast

    -Future in our pockets
  6. Saoshyant
    Drastic is all I could ask for with DS. Initially tried out 999 using shield tablet & ipega controller, worked flawlessly.
  7. joe Administrator
    I watched a friend play the Sega CD version of Lunar back in the day, but I never got a chance to play it till the iOS release. I stopped playing it a while back, and now I don't remember what my task was. I keep thinking I'll start over, but I'd rather do it on a console. The iOS version is too difficult to control accurately.
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
  8. protoss
    Yes drastic is great!! Hands down.

    Well at least if others are interested they now know which versions to get instead looking everywhere else.
  9. protoss

    Get a ps1 emulator or the Sega emulator on your phone as I mention on top and replay
  10. Twilight_Link
    Have you tried Yabause on Android? Have been trying to run any Saturn game without any luck. The only one that i want to play is Panzer Dragoon Saga. BTW, Reicast is running fun on my smartphone playing Sonic Adventure 2, I only notice some glitches and it still playable.
  11. protoss
    Yes Have it and it works. Got daytona and the die hard game working

    Reicast you should check their update page and download the newest apk files.
  12. Twilight_Link
    Great then, have you tested other games or notice some glitches?. I don't really know if they already fixed the glitches problem on Shenmue 1. It is annoying because we cannot see our progress in the book.
  13. protoss

  14. protoss
  15. Twilight_Link
    I would try the nightly build and see if it also works for Shenmue 2 and Power Stone
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