The Official Echobox Explorer Thread

  1. swannie007
    Point taken and apologies to anyone who may have been offended by my post,it was certainly not my intent to do so.
  2. Double-A
    Wow. I haven't been reading any of the comments about Moe. There are some users who have really had an issue with your post about his predicament? Shameful
  3. ExpatinJapan

    Echobox Explorer X1.

    The separation between instruments and imaging is excellent.
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  4. ExpatinJapan
    Damn. Just realized I posted my unboxing pictures in the EB Finders thread...

    Pics originally posted on Oct 4th

    (Insert Homer Simpson ‘Doh’ here)

    I got contacted out of the blue over a week ago by Echobox about recieving an Explorer X1...

    1643BF2A-16D0-4F89-B573-4643BF7A5DA5.jpeg 3BFC254F-C24F-41E3-80C5-5906D351F7A8.jpeg
    E77061F4-D463-4E20-8301-58D4543F8F8C.jpeg 450C620C-2598-4E71-B890-514775A42945.jpeg

    522B2DDE-7DD7-4A4D-82A1-B68BAC679178.jpeg 5E6C5DBF-4B83-407D-8E90-75B7BBA8CA04.jpeg C574E16B-2710-43D8-A649-C82C98DC8C81.jpeg 3B8539F5-E532-4ABA-957B-7D49A957F6C2.jpeg

    E83C678F-8D2F-4982-A27F-EF6DFAAB0B2C.jpeg 74ED9AA9-20CB-48D3-A12D-B4F97DD203C3.jpeg C256C6FD-C87C-4FB6-B5AA-C6CBE2F3F77B.jpeg 0A81D729-DB95-42CC-A7ED-411EE0B77BA1.jpeg 218F1D08-1DD9-48CA-B9B9-755A27BE3C7E.jpeg FFF25EB4-9C77-4F05-95E7-790A108538D3.jpeg BE3D363C-8E10-45FB-BCC9-01A0FC92BD4F.jpeg

    1FEE9614-8FDA-422C-868B-67667120BCD9.jpeg here are some audio pron unboxing pics.

    Full set on Head pie

    Review in due course...

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  5. ExpatinJapan

    Echobox Explorer X1, Astral Acoustics Taurus cable 2.5mm balanced, Taurus 2.5mm bal to 3.5mm SE adapter and Campfire Audio Andromeda
  6. dobis4ever
    Hi everybody out there with your explorer.
    is there somebody using the onkyo HF player on the explorer.
    i installed the onkyo HF player and for me it works absolutely fine.. quick database discovery.. really cool EQ and a easy to understand GUI.
    now there was a update from 2.01. to 2.0.3 and even sideloaded it recogniced the older version and just did an update.. all settings are the same after the update
    maybe there is somebody out there with a better hearing .. but for me SQ is OK.

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  7. ExpatinJapan

    Lunchtime with the Explorer and Campfire Audio Vega
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  8. Bigbidoof
    Apologies if these questions or issues have already been solved, but I don't have the patience to shift through over 160 pages to see.

    I've had a love/hate relationship with my Explorer. When it wants to, it sounds fantastic, but quite often, it gives me grief. Hitting pause/play causes pops and crackles. Sometimes when I hit play, the song will start, but no audio will come out, and then suddenly pop, sound. So I can miss the first few seconds of a song. When I reach the end of an album or playlist too, it also pops there, which can be really jarring when you're ending on a mellow note, then suddenly a loud pop. Another concerning thing is that my device likes to whine. Particularly when you turn the screen on, it emits this constant beep. When you turn off the screen, it will continue for a few more seconds, followed by a click, then gone. However, I recently learned that it even whines when its playing music and the screen is off, by listening to music in class with one earphone in.

    I've talked back and forth with customer service for sometime now. Mailed it in once, and they told me that because mine was a walnut model and that they were having a lot of issues with those that they would replace it, before last minute "fixing" it and sending it back. However when I got it back, the same issues persist. I've updated the firmware and UAPP, and that only temporary fixes it. It will be working perfectly for anywhere between 30 seconds and a minute, before reverting back to all my previous issues. Its quite strange.

    Basically, my reason for posting this is to see if anyone else has had these problems and possibly a fix, because I really do want to love my Explorer.
  9. feanorean
    I have a solution for you and this is what I did. Sell you Explorer, I mean it, save yourself the grief and buy another DAP that will sound just as good and be a hundred times more reliable, if admittedly far less interesting.

    I loved everything about my explorer, the look, the feel, the sound, even the UI was reasonable. However there were sooooo many bugs. I have no idea how Echobox though they could get away with selling the Explorer in the state they did. A $20 Chinese-made DAP off of Alibaba gets more quality control that these things and they won't try to bull**** you with marketing speak to explain away all the issues

    I loved the explorer and the still use the Finders but seriously just sell it and go back to enjoying your audio. Best advice I can give you.

  10. dobis4ever
    Hi Bigbioof,

    That's a strange behavior... i have a black walnut Explorer and it works nearly perfect.

    ok.. some quit pops at the end of a song if bitrate changes and one click when turn on /off the device.
    No pops / crackles hitting play / pause and no delay in playing songs.
    and because i love my Explorer there is no reason for whining... sorry..#joke# to be serious... no whining anytime.
    I have absolutely no problems during listening ( ok.. yesterday it stopped once during listening with screen off after a roundabout 90 minutes of listening ... but this was the first time and then never appears)

    What i miss is Google play store ; you always have to sideload apk files and if they are not free, you have nearly no chance to install a paid apk and.. i don't like the GUI of the UAPP Player, but this a personal preference.

    i'm sure, there are a lot of players out there with better price/performance ratio and with perfect functional software, but for me... if something is absolutely perfect it's someway boring to me.

    i love my explorer and at no time i waste a minute in selling it.

    Kind regards
  11. dlayman

    Please don't unload this thing on someone else without disclosing the problems,that wouldn't be right. Many if not most people have had problems with the Explorer, often more serious than yours. My advice is don't let Echobox off the hook. If you are still in warranty, they are legally bound to either fix the unit or replace it. Don't settle for Ecbobox doublespeak. The finish of the wood has nothing to do with the audible problems you're having, that's a ridiculous thing for them to say. They have had problems with the darker woods cracking and coming apart. The pops and clicks are likely due to changes in the sample rate of different tracks. Some DAP's exhibit this to varying degrees. The whining noise sounds like an interference problem caused by the backlighting of the screen. That isn't acceptable. The clicking after power off is a relay noise from the DAC and amp powering off. I wouldn't be concerned about that. The delay in getting audio from the unit when it shows a song playing is a defect.

    It sounds like this might be your first DAP. It's a shame it's the Explorer. There are plenty of less expensive players with more features that sound better and don't have so many problems.

    Feel free to PM me for suggestions.
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  12. Bigbidoof
    Well, I'm not particularly interested in selling the device. I really like it, when it decides to work properly. As mentioned before, it sounds fantastic. But yeah, I'm gonna have to further talk about it with Echobox's customer support, and probably end up getting a new unit. And yes, it is my first DAP.
  13. makethemusic
  14. the fool
    I am interested with this player, itseems there are a lot of negativity towards this player, is this player really this bad, I read the last 10 pages.
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  15. Q Mass
    Well, I can't speak for others, but I love mine.
    It sounds wonderful with all my cans, and works really well, without the issues a few here have reported.
    I would have bought one out of the classifieds if I'd had the spare cash, but I'm broke.
    The black Friday deal seems really good to me.

    I honestly think that the delay that we crowdfunders endured has turned a few people against Echobox and fuelled much of the griping here on this forum.
    Obviously, any product line will have some faulty units, and this is more likely to be the case with a new product, and I'm sure that there were some genuine issues, but I can honestly say that my unit (walnut) has been performing excellently since I received it (caveat: I use 'Tidal Offline' almost exclusively) and the fit and finish is excellent.

    I'm very happy with my purchase (the big delay annoyed me too, but I now feel that the wait was worth it) and were it not for the fact that I already own more than enough 'fancy' earphones I would definitely be trying to audition the Nomads (the Finders weren't bassy enough for me, but I'm a closet basshead).
    330 for an Explorer seems like a great deal to me, but I'm certain some others will have something to say about that!

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