The Official Echobox Explorer Thread

  1. Audio Addict Contributor
    Why instead of, your regular website. That looks like one of those phishing websites??
  2. makethemusic
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  3. pedalhead Contributor
    @jude can we get this on the front page please? Let's rally the community to help out one of our own here.
  4. makethemusic
  5. bearFNF Contributor
  6. swannie007
    While I truly sympathize with this members predicament, I believe that we have now set a precedent for further appeals for assistance and while I do not want to seem unsympathetic I believe that this is not the forum for such appeals, much less a front page appeal for assistance.
    I know that many members may burn me for my sentiments but this is an open public forum and last I checked, we still enjoy freedom of speech and expression in the USA and I felt strongly enough to voice my concern. Cheers.
  7. bearFNF Contributor
    I don't begrudge your right to voice your concern or opinion. But I feel that the "precedent" was set a long time ago. People have been appealing for assistance on Head-fi since it's inception. Albeit they are asking mostly for advice on headphones, or a ride to CanJan or meet, or to share a hotel room, etc. i have always thought of Head-fi as a friendly helpful community and have made several friends that i have no problem helping in their times of need, whether it is a ride or advice or whatever. It is up to each of us to decide how much we are willing to give to this community of friends and neighbors. This instance is an extreme and hopefully rare case where a friend needs help, simple as that.
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  8. swannie007
    Thank you for your measured and thoughtful response to my comments, much appreciated.
  9. Brooko Contributor
    [Mod Comment]

    Just deleted some posts - no need for personal attacks.

    @swannie007 - in reply. Head-Fi is a private site, not a public one - with its own rules and regulations, ToS, Posting Guidelines and ethical and moral compass. Jude has obviously endorsed the advertisement of this terrible event on the front page, and as site owner it is his privilege and right to do so. This sort of thing has been done before on a couple of occasions that i know of - and the Head-Fi Community has rallied together to help others in need. It is what makes this community special IMO.

    So while I understand what you are saying - in this particular case you are going against the actual wishes of the site owner, so I would suggest accepting what is in place, and maybe saying a quiet prayer for Moe's speedy recovery, and for his family who will be stressing out.

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  10. Q Mass
    I too have only met you the once @moedawg140 (first London CanJam), but you struck me as a lovely, welcoming guy, and you sure as hell don't deserve luck like this.
    I wish you the very best of luck from here on man!
    When you get to read all the comments here on HF and on gofundme I hope you are able to look back on a very scary episode with a very happy ending, and enjoy the support coming your way :)

    Just to keep things on topic:
    I'm still loving my Explorer, and haven't even updated to the most recent firmware yet (soon maybe).

    Can anyone confirm if there's a way to preserve all the offline TIDAL content that I've downloaded when I update?

    One more time, best wishes to Moedawg, Suzette and Ingrid!
  11. Takeanidea
    I can't believe someone would want to criticise such a noble gesture as helping out our dear Moedawg. What has the world become? It's what we make it
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  12. makethemusic
  13. makethemusic
    Regarding the concern over posting a link to help @moedawg140, I am saddened to hear that someone would take call for help over a life threatening circumstance with one of our most loved and active community members, and use it as an opportunity to post an argument over "principle". This is sad, and I hope that it is a view held by a minority of this community. Head-Fi is a private website, but on top of that this is an Echobox thread. We at Echobox love Moe, who has not only helped our company at multiple trade shows, but is also a dear friend. We felt his situation warranted a post, at the very least, on this thread. We have also taken further action outside of Head-Fi to promote his cause. If don't like that it has been posted here, you are welcome to scroll past, not respond, or go to another thread. And yes, if you wish to invoke your right to free speech, you are also welcome to speak up, just as we are welcome to freely speak of our desire to help a friend.

    Gettimg back to discussion of the Explorer, @qmass I'm glad to hear you are loving your explorer! As far as I have experienced, my offline content with TIDAL has been very hit or miss when it comes to remaining active when I update. There doesn't seem to be a clear answer to this, unfortunately. I have noticed, however, that it is more prone remaining intact than deleting, and the issue does not seem to have been present with the newer versions of TIDAL. Hope that helps!
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  14. makethemusic
    I also just realized that I have quite a few typos in the above post :/ Apologies everyone, I am writing from my phone today!
  15. makethemusic
    I would like to steer the discussion here back to the Explorer, and away from other topics. If anyone would like to continue the discussion about Moe and his situation, I would encourage you to do so on the dedicated "Moe Needs Our Help" thread I created, which you can find here:

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