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  1. gugman
    Hi. I was going to buy today Explorer, but reading this makes me feel very uncomfortable ! I have few daps in my possession an none of them produce any "click" while changing tracks, I am not sure how perfectly normal that thing is.

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  2. ryanjsoo
    Not sure if it's been posted before, but I found some screen protectors that fit the Explorer almost perfectly. I found that the screen scratches fairly easily and has no or minimal oleophobic coating. You will need to trim the corners on these protectors, but It's $1.80 for 10 and they have a much slicker feel. You can have a look at the listing here, I ordered the 4" clear model. And here's a photo of the protector installed on the player:

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  3. qsk78
    Hi. Can anyone compare with Cowon Plenue P1 please?

    I'm very close to click BYU )) It has almost everything I miss in P1: power, line out, streaming capabilities.
    The only concern here is quality - P1 made in Korea and it is a superb quality player without bugs.

    One more question.
    How does Tidal work in this DAP? Directly goes through the DAC bypassing Android? No?

    P.S. Order was placed))

    P.P.S. DHL Express have problems with shipping to Russia((
    Checking with EB if they can ship with USPS.
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  4. cleg
    BTW, are there Explorer page in Head Gear section? I can't find one…
  5. cleg
  6. ExpatinJapan
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  7. makethemusic

    Jason Lord & The Source AV Design Group in Southern California are no longer an authorized dealer of Echobox Products. Any product purchased from Jason or The Source will not be serviced with a warranty, and should be purchased at your own risk. For any questions, please contact
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
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