The NEW Nuforce NE800m. Titanium for your vocals, carbon fiber in your space, brass for your bass. (A review)

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  1. nmatheis Contributor
    Sounds like the NE750M is worth a listen!
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    It is worth checking out. The treble is of similar emphasis to the NE800m but I think due to the lesser bass you can actually hear more of it. The NE800m has the more fuller sound presentation. The NE750 is a bit dryer sounding and the overall sound is not as forward as the NE800m.  Both have their positives and negatives. But to be honest I don't necessarily see the NE800m to be an actual upgrade over the NE750m in sound. More like a side grade. The NE800m costs more but for me at least the NE750 is just as fun to listen to. 
  3. SomeGuyDude
    Wondering if anyone's snagged these off the Massdrop offer. Hm..
  4. SomeGuyDude
    No one? Well, I like 'em.
  5. youurayy
  6. Rob80b

    Just received mine from the most recent drop in far just to quote my self from the Massdrop discussions....
    "Also received mine here in Canada today ...Initial impressions running off my Fiio X3 gen II ...not in the same league as my Sennheiser ie800s...but the price ratio is 10 to 1...see if burn improves on the matter... also I'll need to try different tips once I'm accustomed to the stock ones as fit can make or break an iem.

    Listening to Bill Laswell's "Imaginary Cuba" base so far is a bit woolly (again it could be the tips), highs a bit shouty, imaging and sound stage is pretty descent though... over all though they do sound more coherent than my pricier Sennheiser Momentum In Ear."

  7. SomeGuyDude
    Let me save you some time. A BA driver isn't gonna burn in. :p
  8. Rob80b

    They may burn's just that nothing changes because of... : ) ....still not bad sounding..bit shrill in the highs and I'm deaf above 10K [​IMG]....but ok.
  9. nmatheis Contributor

    NE800M is a dynamic driver IEM. No BA here...

    I found tip rolling helped with the highs. Try using something with a longer bore like Spinfit or some foam tips.
  10. SomeGuyDude
    OH bloopy heck I got the NE800m backwards with the Primo 8. Sorry everyone!
  11. Rob80b
    What a difference a bit of burn in does for these iems (I think)...just yesterday when listening to Bach’s “Complete Flute Sonatas” with Emmanuel Pahud (flute) & Trevor Pinnock (harpsicord) and  Kathleen Battle’s  “Grace” the highs came across fairly strident when the flute or Battle’s voice reached the highest registers….things appear to  have calmed down considerably after 12 hrs of playing, not perfect but…… Going through Underworld’s “Dark and Long” base still needs a bit of taming, still a bit too much on base heavy music, appears a little tighter..... maybe requiring more burn in or just a change of tips? Overall the sound is fairly coherent and sound a little higher end (natural) than yesterday
    May all be my imagination of course as I continue my search for a reasonable ($$) pair of iems to be used as substitutes for my ie800s during my icy cold walks of winter, although a pair of Sennheiser Urbanites doubled up as a pair of ear muffs the other day...but the brass tips on the NE800s will be a good indicator if the temperature's too low...what's that saying..."Cold enough to freeze the tips off a brass IEM" .... [​IMG]
  12. Rob80b
    More updates...first...I've discovered (obviously) the NE800m "now' come with 8 pairs of tips not 5, 3 pr black (less slippery rubber? s, m, l), 3 pr silicone s,m,l, 2 pr of Comply M & L. (might just be a Massdrop thing)
    So...coming from the installed med. black tips and moving over to the large black (rubber?) tips reduces the insertion depth and cures some of the base bloat but with a very slight drop in treble detail (maybe not a bad thing), similar results with the large semi-clear (silicone) tips and Sennheiser's tips for the Momentum in-ear...the small tips were just too small for my ear canals, reducing the base, isolation and literally fall out...Complys I'll leave to last...
    But it'll take long term listening to get a better grasp on the differences, especially with regards to the tonal balance between the base, mids and treble...too many variables to acquire a neutral presentation at this stage...but getting there.
    .......overall so far liking what I'm hearing and wearing and comfort is very similar to my ie800s.......
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    NE800 need a lot of burn in to sound right. There could be variations on certain units not needing as much but my review pair sounded like a cheap aliexpress special out of the box. It wasnt untill a full weeks worth of driver blasting the sound started to shape up. In fact out of all the earphones I have burned in these have the most drastic change in sonics.

    For guys getting these. You have to be patient with them.
  14. Rob80b
    They currently actually sound fairly decent...not quite the sophistication of my Senn ie800s which remain cool and collected even at high volumes....but even comparing the two after 24hrs there has been an improvement...we'll see what more "time" will bring (the Fiio X3 II is set to play through folders and on an AC USB adapter so ..."music non stop" [​IMG] ).
    At this point though they are definitely higher end sounding than the comparably priced Sennheiser Momentum ie which they're replacing. 
  15. smerdy
    I'm thinking about getting these off the current massdrop. I have an ostry kc06, which I like for the detail but it's not giving me enough bass. :) Maybe an amp would be a better purchase for that?
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