The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by valentinhogea, Feb 10, 2013.
  1. MTMECraig
    Listening to the HD800 with Chord Mojo and Elemental Watson. Man I know this is beating a dead horse for this thread but I just love the mojo as the dac section with the HD800... Listening to "Dead Man's Song" by Tears For Fears. I think its the extra body I get out of the sound with the Mojo. As if its more 3D then other similarly priced dacs.
  2. Hansotek
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  3. FLTWS
    Nice! I wonder if they plan on releasing a DAC-less version like they did with the HDVA 600?
  4. Sennheiser
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  5. Hansotek
    I don't know, but they should, IMO. The amp section scaled up like crazy when I plugged it in to the Hugo 2.
  6. Shetzu
    Agree there Mojo & HD800 has an excellent combination.
  7. Shetzu
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  8. ruthieandjohn
    Enjoyed reading the review, but I didn’t find any mention of the output impedance of the HDV-820. If it is like that of the predecessor, the HDVD-800, it is 43 ohms, which is great for the 300-600 ohm (depending on frequency) of the HD800, but is awfully high for most low impedance headphone that are around 32 ohms, such as all the Grados, the Fostex TH900, the Ultrasone, the HiFiMAN HE1000 and HE 500, and many others. Rule of thumb is that you want the output impedance of the amp to be less than one-eighth the input impedance of the headphones, or 4 ohms amp output impedance for these 32 ohm input impedance headphones.

    This fact has kept me from using my HDVD800, which I find utterly fantastic with my HD800 headphones (found no amp better, and despite concerns by some of its “so-so” DAC, found no shortfall in comparing to Hugo and MHDT Stockholm dedicated DACs), with headphones other than my HD800. I have a wonderful but single purpose Sennheiser chain... HD800, HDVD800.
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  9. Svatopluk
    The lack of adjustable impedance settings is the only reason I'm considering selling my HDVA600, it's great with the HD800 but not so much when paired with the Utopia.
  10. Mshenay Contributor
    Hey guys! Happy to say I'll be joining the HD 800 club starting tomorrow! My first order of business though is to install the SDR Mod, I've already got the little doo dad I just need to figure out what size Screwdriver/head I need to remove it. I believe it was a torq 6 but wanted to get some confirmation, so I have have everything ready a head of time.

    Super excited to be joining the club too ^^
  11. Svatopluk
    Do listen to the stock HD800 for a while before you start modifying it. That way you will have a reference point and who knows, you may actually prefer it that way.
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  12. Mshenay Contributor
    of course

    I intend to spend about a month with it stock before I do anything
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  13. Svatopluk
    That's great and Welcome Aboard!
  14. Mshenay Contributor
    Thanks happy to be here finally!
  15. paradoxper
    You don't need any tools to install the SDR.

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