The Mini³ v2 is out!
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Originally Posted by koike /img/forum/go_quote.gif
anyone finished building it yet?

Well i have one of the V1.9 with the long life Opamps.

And i must say it is the best i have ever heard, but then again i have not heard that much

This is my first non Cmoy headphone amp.

Never again will i listen without an amp

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Originally Posted by TheRobbStory /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I ordered all the parts for mine last night from AMB/Mouser. This should be a fun, quick build. I'm very eager to try my hand at some SMD.

Just made my order for the parts from amb (he has the "high-performance" opamps in stock now). Going to wait on the rest of it since the custom endplates won't be in for a little while. Did you go with the "high-performance" ones or the "extended-runtime" ones TheRobbStory ? and yes it should be alot of fun , but I have feeling this will be one outstanding little amp.
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I went for high performance. This was an easy decision because the longest I ever continuously listen is during flights to the west coast. I won't require more than 3 or four hours of listening using an iPod lineout for a source.

Hopefully I can amend my order to include the recently added opamps.

EDIT: nevermind. Found free samples for both. I love working for a university.

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