Mar 5, 2003
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weekend sleeping competitions

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    weekend sleeping competitions
    all things interesting
    shoot avatars
    Headphone Inventory:
    k501 w/ aps v2
    ety 4p/s
    hd580/600 w/ cardas
    d66 - gone
    sr225 - gone
    ath-es7 - gone
    Yamaha yh-1
    HF2 - gone
    RS1 Vintage B w/ pink
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    1. CTH Tube Amp w/ mundorf silver/oil & stepped pot
    2. Soha w/ 627op & Avorx

    (gone) CK2iii w/ MJE243/253 now
    2SC3422/2SA1359 much better

    1. Alien Dac w/ Blackgates bypass w/ vitaminQ's,
    Mini3 standard.
    2. Carrie Amp (Mini3 usb powered from Dac) w/ Grub Dac (PCM2707 takes USB signal & converts it to I2S and feeds it into Wolfson Micro DAC WM8524, no output caps)

    Tesla ECC802s
    Cyroed Siemens 5814a triple mica
    Siemens E82CC
    Siemens ECC82
    Amperex 7316 D getter holland
    Telefunk smooth plates,
    GE 6680,
    Slyvania 5814a long plate smooth gold
    GE 5814a Triple mica 1956
    RCA JRC 5814a black plates 1964 & 65
    Hytron JHY 5814a 53'
    CBS-Hytron JHY 5814a 56'
    Brimar 13d5 long plate
    GE 5963 5star 1961 long plate
    Syvania 5963 Gold Pins
    RCA clear tops
    Mullard 4003
    Mullard long & short plates
    Raytheon black glass d getter
    Raytheon 6GU7
    Raytheon 6CG7 Blackplates D Getter
    RCA 6CG7 Clear tops
    Mazda 6CG7
    Amperex 6dj8 50's/60's
    12BH7A Tung-Sol Black Plate
    ECC82 Tungsram Hungary
    Source Inventory:
    DAC: zhoulo 2.5c zapped w/ all HGA silver
    zapped power w/ Muse KZ 1,000uF 50V
    wired directly w/ Pulse transformer on Coax
    & Belden 83803 power cord

    Transport: sony dvp-s7000 w/ Pulse transformer on Coax & Belden 83803 power cord
    Cable Inventory:
    Tera labs 200d w/ unicorn pubes on ground
    Power-Related Components:
    oneac power filter
    Other Audio Equipment:
    hands of steel and fingers of justice
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    carbernet sauvignon
    Music Preferences:
    pleasant lossless music
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