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THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. musicheaven
    Looks great, wonderful job you did with your connector and the female Kobiconn connector. :)
  2. milarepa
    Very nice adapter indeed.
  3. jamato8 Contributor
    A nice clean job there. Great idea and finish!
  4. musicheaven
    I attempted the same plug, I had a ViaBlue connector lying around and a female Kobiconn connector, however the only part that is difficult to execute is the slicing of the gold hex pin. The best I can see doing it is to file it from the end up until the point where it will fit nicely with the connector into it. Other than that, the instructions were pretty clear. I found it easier to reduce the Kobiconn connector using a utility knife, the results were pretty good and very easy to do.
  5. Komkrit
    I use the cramp to catch at distal end of the bolt(gold hex pin) when I shortening it.
    >> to avoid the cramp damage the line of the bolt if catch at proximal end. :)

    Cutter for rounding(reduce) female mini balanced plug.
    ...for me...the same sensation to sharpen the pencil. :wink:
  6. kothganesh
    Is pairing the RSA Intruder with the CLAS -DB a bit of an overkill ? The CLAS is a very good DAC in its own right and I am unsure about running the music through two DACs before reaching the amp section of the Intruder. BTW, I have the CLAS currently paired with the SR 71B.
    Any words of advice ?
  7. thread
    kothganesh, in that case, you'd be going digital into the CLAS DB and analog out. When you pass that analog signal to the Intruder, you would be bypassing its DAC and making use of only the amp. So this makes sense to me -- only one DAC and one amp in the chain.

    Judging whether the sonic difference is worth the extra brick and cost is an exercise best left to the listener. :)
  8. kothganesh
    Thank you for the explanation. Now it's time to mull over true cost/benefits :smile:
  9. Howlin Fester
    Has anyone sourced an aftermarket charger for the Intruder?  I am a big fan of having one charger at work and one at home.
    I did search the internet for Power Unit for LI-Ion Battery pack.  I also did searches on Digikey, but could not find the specific input/output specs written on the charger.
    For reference:
    Power Unit (For LI-ION BATTERY pack)
    Model: 3P10-L1016
    Input: AC100-240v 50/60Hz
    Output:  DC 1638V = 0.45A
    Caution for use with 14.8 V LI-ION pack only.  Indoor use only.
    Any help is appreciated.
    If we don't find this anywhere, I am considering a P-51 Mustang as well.  I can always buy an extra Intruder charger from Ray when I buy the Mustang.  Then I can get bundling for the shipping of amps and extra chargers.
  10. rudi0504
    Best set up with Intruder

    Source : dap IBasso HDP R10 Japan version , I use line out
    Amp : Intruder
    Iem : Tralucent audio 1+2
    Cable : Ventura craft mini to mini audiophile edition
    Tralucent audio silver / gold cable for 1+2

  11. AlanYWM
    Nice setup Rudi. Now can you tell me if this setup improves the overall sound quality vs the HDP-R10 alone? [​IMG]
  12. rudi0504
    Thank you
    Yes it is improved. Quiet significant , because the strong point from HDP R10 is the line out and coax out
    You can hear the pure Dac from sabre Dac chip , without through internal amp .
    You can try it from line out the SQ is different .
  13. resshin
    Hi guys , quick question, will there be any difference If I use single ended input and balance output to my intruder ?
  14. musicheaven
    Ray said that a single ended input will be available as a balanced output, thanks to Ray's design. This is the best setup if you don't have balanced input but still want to take advantage of balanced output. I used single ended output and balanced output, found the balanced output being the best sound wise, it's also louder.
  15. muzic4life
    May i ask...has anyone experiencing the PCB inside the Intruder casing is loose? Very disappointed by this quality control problem. I have two units of rsa intruders and they are all the same. Nothing to do with the sound...but the internal PCB is moving backward and forward when i plug/pull any conector into/out the port (is like the casing is a mm longer than the pcb) How come this is happening to such a premium portable amp?

    RSA audio i believe is well known being the top audio gear brand in term of quality made. How come it has a poor quality control like this. So sad.
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