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THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor

    I agree. Implementation and the Intruder does this very well sounding excellent, IMO.
  2. tdk2013
    Hi Guys, 
    Currently I'm using the Intruder as my USB Dac/Amp connected to my macbook air. I'm considering adding a CLAS. My question is, can I hear a obvious improvement over the built in DAC in the Intruder?
    For the record, my hearing is normal (so as my doctor told me.... :p  )
  3. milarepa

    I have not tried the new -db that holds a different chip than the old clas, but the old one does make a substansial improvement to my normal hearing.
  4. jamato8 Contributor
    Using my balanced ESW10 with the Intruder. Either using the dac via the USB or the amp section only, I like the 3D presentation and dynamic contrasts that bring the music to life. Works well with my balanced PortaPros and TWAG cable as well. :^)
  5. musicheaven
    Jamato8 : question I have an RSA Intruder (amazing sound out of that box, sometimes I find Ray has performed some black magic at his place to produce such sound quality which I don't mind just love it) I noticed that if I leave the unit connected for hours with no music playing the unit really seems to overheat, quite warm to the touch. Have you experienced this problem and is this an issue so that the battery inside might explode. I am just worried about it and want to make sure it won't cause any issues, it's also an expensive unit so keeping it alive and well is my first concern.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  6. jamato8 Contributor

    I never noticed that. Normally when I am not using it I turn it off, though when I was burning it in I left it on but I never noticed it getting really hot
  7. musicheaven
    Maybe you did not touch it while burning it in, which myself I wouldn't have done except when I reached for my connected iPod to recharge it, it is then when I held it while disconnecting the iPod that the case felt warm to the touch. I am also trying to burn it in as well, right off the box the sound is already amazing I figured I could get it improved by clocking some additional listening hours without burning my eardrums. :)

    I thought at one point calling Ray and letting him know but I did not want to disturb him, he's busy already cooking some intruder batches. If this is normal, then I might just worry for nothing however I have other amps and they have never done that, mind you they are not as powerful as the intruder and the battery in there seems to be a monster.
  8. milarepa

    I often carry my intruder in a kangatec that encloses the unit. When doing so, and also when burning in for several hundred hours, my intruder also feels warm to the touch. Not like burning hot, but a few degrees more than my hand. I do not think there is any cause for concern.
  9. musicheaven
    Thanks milarepa appreciate your feedback, I have to keep in mind that those are powerful portable units and contain circuitry with heavy duty batteries, in all likelihood they will warm up as long I don’t end up with a fire hazard, a burned hand or an explosion then it’s all good. I actually talked to Ray about it and said that it is completely normal due to the battery type and size and the circuitry needing this power. One big advantage, will be pretty nice warming up your hands during the winter. :wink:
    As far as the sound out of this box, it is just incredible since I got the unit I just keep rediscovering my music by hearing sounds that I never knew was there. I am in the process of getting my Shure iem cable rewired and found a way to rewire it for both balanced and SE, quite a trick but will be saving me money in the long run, I just cannot afford spending twice the money for both. By the way, the adapter will be used in non-balance SE input amp and/or ipod/ipad or iphone only. If you want to hear Ray's position on that, don't get him going and for a good reason, it is not meant for that besides why would anyone want to downgrade from balance to SE?
  10. jamato8 Contributor
    I am looking forward to comparing the sound of my revised 71b to the Intruder. Two top amps. So far the 71b sounds superb.
  11. singleended58

    I have to agree with you that I do not own the Intruder but 71B revised which sounds really superb compared to ALO Rxmk3B.
  12. raelamb
    I have to say that after being a fanatical supporter and fan of Ray, ( and of course I still am ) I find the MKIIIB preferable to my revised SR71B at least in my rig. The ALO has a bloom and air in the high end that just isn't there in the SR71B. The other more pressing problem for me is that coupled with my balanced JH-16's in low or medium gain the SR71B just sounds like total *+&#+
  13. singleended58

    To be honest I do not support or fanatical about RSA amps but there was a comparison to my ears. However, I like both amps and use both in balanced mode. The thing is depending on what headphones and/ or IEMs you pair with.
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    Interesting. I am using the DX100 as a source to the 71b outputting to my balanced phones, including the JH13's and I get excellent sound. The highs are open, extended and very pure sounding. The gain on mine doesn't degrade the sound, no matter the setting. Such fine detail yet not etched and power of delivery. That is my experience with this amp.
    But this thread is about the Intruder so I guess I should get back on track. :^)
  15. Komkrit
    Hello...Today I share my idea for DIY adapter.
    Female mini balanced to male 3.5mm. jack in compact size.
    All my balanced phones can use with single-end amp.
    This is my DIY.
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