The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016
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i meant "flac/irr off/default mode". whats that?

If you already have the sound unlocked firmware (you can find it using the search function here), when you turn it on, switch the lock button up. You will get to choose different settings using the touch screen from there. These are optimal changes for many of us here. To exit just switch the lock button to off.
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Hi,I have my ibasso dx50 for 2 weeks,an upgrade for my cowon j3.I have use sound unlocked 1.3.3 and now 1.4 but there is one problem...I listen to rock music most of the time,death/black metal,and the bass is kind of low,you can barely hear the drums.the highs are sometimes to a higher volumea the drums are really left befind and mids also.even my sony xperia z3 has deeper bass and the drums really kick and pumps your years!is there something you can do with the sound unlock to improve this? I use FLAC/irr off/default for FLAC and irr off/default for mp3.I also want to change the capacitors inside,maybe this will solve the problem
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If You want more punch and "in your face" drums/bass, then choose FLAC/ irr ON / CPU 312 ...should help with what You want :wink:
FLAC/ irr off / cpu default is much more open sounding and with better depth, maybe it sounds too distant for You.
About capacitors - will give feedback but it takes time (burn-in each selection + comparing). Atm I can tell, that already Panasonic FM improved bass/drum tightness and kick noticeably. They lack littlebit mids imo. But those caps should be good for EDM
because of "extended" bass and highs. Better than stock Jovials in that part. But overall I find stock Jovials better balanced and mids better.
Still lot of caps to test and these are only initial impressions without direct comparing to Jovials. Take it with grain of salt.
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ok,there is some drums kick in irr on +cpu 312,but I fell the music is behind my head,so I'm stuck with default settings.I was really hopping this ibasso dx50 would blow me away,and now I can't understand how I've liked that j3,but in comparison with a phone, sony z3,there's no such big difference and that's what makes me more angry,as this is a 200 euro device that does only one thing,and it doesn't make you say wow!the stock firmware makes me want to sell it,because it's a crap comparing to z3 sound,so only sound unlocked saves him,but there's no bass,and the highs are to high.I have to make something so it can sound better than now,and be satisfied with the money I've spent,otherwise I'll end up listening to music from the phone.
What is irr bandwidth by the way?it's to hard to make comparison also,because I have to restart,and bla bla,there's no way you can make changes in realtime,so I can't really decide.
I really don't know why I've bought it since there is almost no difference between a phone and this high end year there's going to be a z4 phone,and if the sound is improved,then this ibasso will be left behind!
My only option is a good firmaware,that has bass and makes the drums kick and does not give you head ache after 2 hours of listening to music because of the way to high highs!
I want to change those caps with some Nichicon KW series,maybe it will fix to problem,but I can't find a place to buy them.If there is someone who has 4pc of nichicon 220uf 10v,I will pay trough paypal,in advance.
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Don`t rush with judgement and buying capacitors. First try different "bass" edition custom firmwares from DOC if You carve for more bass.
Btw, what HP or IEM are You using anyway? Maybe Your "problem" lies there?
List of capacitors I`m going to try with my DX50:
* Nichicon FG 100uF 10V (going to change LO caps and maybe test them on HO also)
* Nichicon FW 220uF 10V 
* Nichicon KW 220uF 10V 
* Panasonic FM 220uF 10V
* Panasonic FC 220uF 10V 
* Panasonic FR 220uF 10V
* VISHAY BC 220uF 10V
* Panasonic AM 330uF 10V
* Nichicon FW 100uF 10V
* Nichicon KA 220uF 10V
* Nichicon KA 100uF 6.3V
* Nichicon KA 100uF 16V (size fits)
* Nichicon SW 220uF 6.3V

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I have tried dark bass edition v2,but I don't like headphones are denon ahc-300.I'm really disappointed as it's almost no difference in ibasso and a 500 euro phone,or the only advantage is for the xperia phone,as it sounds better.if the phone sounds so good,I'm wondering how sony players sound?It took me one month to sell my j3 and get this ibasso,and I'm not going to sell it and buy a sony,that who knows how it's just stupid.maybe no player below few good hundreds,can actually beat a phone,and I'm not going to spend 1000 euros for a player,for sure!
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I have just ordered this player. I cannot wait.
I am looking to buy a new pair of IEMs to go along with the iBasso. My budget is around $150... what would you recommend?
Is there a list of all the firmware available for the player too, not just the official firmware?
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  I have just ordered this player. I cannot wait.
I am looking to buy a new pair of IEMs to go along with the iBasso. My budget is around $150... what would you recommend?
Is there a list of all the firmware available for the player too, not just the official firmware?

I really like the GR07 with the DX50. 
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There are many choices from DOC`s firmwares not only dark bass edition v2 and seems You need to start use EQ... because...
  my headphones are denon ahc-300. 

I haven`t heard them personally but as much as I`ve read reviews and impressions, then they are basshead oriented IEM and told to have piercing highs - I think there lies Your problem not in DX50. If You add very neutral balanced sounding FW like SU, then result might be less bass and too much highs.
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can you post a link,where I can find all of his work?well,I use them with the phone and with dx50,and they sound better on the phone.I have tested them with my cowon j3,as I had all 3 of them at once.the cowon is joke,and I really wanted to say the same thing about the sound quality of the phone,but I can' the moment the xperia z3 sounds better,it has bass,you can hear drums,pedals and there is a kick/punch that is present there,and not at all on the ibasso.I will test some more firmware if someone gives me a list,or link.Option 2 is to mod it,chance caps and maybe some other things,but I don't want to invest more than 60 euros,and that is because I want to keep it.
I will give it 3-4 months,but if it's not going to impress me more than my phone,than I'll sell it and never buy a player.dx50 is not cheap,but if it cant beat a smartphone now,how will it beat it next year,when new xperia will be out,or in 2 years from now?at 250 euros,and only one thing to do,this player should be amazing,and not at all comparable to a high end smartphone!I'm really disappointed right now,and the only thing that is good,is that I have another device with it's own battery,just for music (that it does not sound better than my phone),but does it worth 250 euros?
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Stolen from my previous post...

List of all of Docs firmwares

Can you link to all of Docs FW's on the first page? I only keep finding it because I quoted it so I can actually find it on a whim by searching my own posts.

@shag, try Docs Favorite Firmware v1 or Final. Also, stock v1.5 has a good bass bump to it.
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You don`t understand me... You are starting from wrong end If You "blame" only DX50 and think there`s nothing "wrong" with Your IEM. Let me remind You that all IEM`s doesn`t have good match with some gear. That`s how the things are in hi-fi world. I would rather sell IEM`s and keep DX50 but I`m not You. If You really like Z3 sound better, then just keep using it and sell DX50.
Btw. did You use any EQ settings or sound "enhancement" with Your Z3 while comparing with DX50? Sorry but I really doubt Your Z3 can give better clarity, separation, details, soundstage etc. than DX50. Maybe Your ears just can`t make much difference in SQ overall... especially when You are "adjusted" Your brain/ears with those IEM`s.
Basically You are stating that DX50 sounds like any other smartphone out there. Ihmo that`s not true and all the phones and mp3 players etc. I have tried yet fall short of DX50 for sure.
If I would hear same sound with any smartphone as with DX50 then I would sell it straight away. So far it hasn`t happened and imho DX50 is worth every penny, especially with custom FW`s like SU and NDFFFinal ...hard to beat sound for that money :wink:
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there's to much of will take forever to test,and never know which one is better.I don't know even if the mods can save just does not stand up for it's offers nothing in sound quality than a smartphone,it's even inferior to a smartphone,despite it's wolfson dac,power,bla,bla,bla.I now understand why no one buys mp3 players,and people will not spend so much money on a player,and now they even have no reason to spend them,when their phone does a better job.really,really disappointed about disappointed that I can't even be happy for my phone!I can sell it in the end,but I really liked the idea of having a dedicated player for music,and music seems that smartphones,are indeed smart,smart enough to beat a high end device like ibasso,and they will get smarter,year by year!
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You have Your right to Your opinion. But I totally disagree. Just sell it in this forum to those who can and know how to appreciate DX50 SQ 


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