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The HEADSIX, a Head-Fi support sales-action

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jan meier, Oct 4, 2007.
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  1. Jan Meier Contributor
    Celebrating 6 years of Head-Fi
    Meier Audio introduces the Limited Edition HEADSIX (portable headphone amp) Head-Fi Support Sales Action

    Dear Headfellows,

    The Head-Fi jubileum amplifier from last year, the CORDA HEADFIVE, was a huge success. The revenues of these sales allowed Head-Fi to buy two new servers that were needed to cope with the continuously growing traffic.

    This year we have a similar action, the CORDA HEADSIX. A limited series of 600 portable amplifiers were made in a small full-metal enclosure.



    The HEADSIX is available in two colours; black (400 pieces) and silver (200 pieces) and its amplification circuitry is basically that of the CORDA MOVE. However, it comes without the crossfeed filter, has no USB-DAC and has no high-current mode (low current mode only). The amp can be driven by a 9V battery (100 hrs battery life-time!) or by a 6 .. 12 Volts external power supply. The amp is much smaller than the MOVE and comes at a very attractive price:

    CORDA HEADSIX = EUR 110,- or USD 145,-

    Unfortunately people who live in the European Union also have to pay VAT (Value Added Taxes). Therefore their price is EUR 130,-

    Prices include worldwide shipping and 10% of the revenues will be donated to Head-Fi! That is USD 15,- for each amplifier sold!

    This is essentially a low-profit project and in order to keep prices low it is essential to minimize transaction costs as much as possible. Paypal, checks, money orders, bank transfers are all very expensive. The fees can be truly horrible. Therefore prices above are only valid for payments that are send cash. People who do not trust postal services may use registered post. If you like to use Paypal, wire transfer (also EU-transfers!), or check/money order then prices will be increased by EUR 10,- or USD 15,-.

    People who like to take this offer are requested to make a reservation by sending an e-mail with their full shipping details as well as the preferred colour of their amp to meier-audio@t-online.de . They will receive confirmation of their reservation as well as payment instructions as soon as possible.


    Jan Meier

    Technical details:

    Weight without battery: 100 gr.
    Measures: 9.3 x 4.7 x 2.2 cm
    Supply voltage: 6 .. (9) .. 12 Volts DC
    Mean current uptake: 7 mA
    Maximal amplification (1 kHz): 4 / 17 dB (low/high gain)
    Input impedance: 13 kOhm
    Output impedance: < 1 Ohm

    The unit runs from a single 9V battery and internally the supply voltage is used to create a pair of +4.5 and -4.5V power lines.

    Alternatively external power supplies can be connected with supply voltages between 6V and 12V DC. The external supply voltage is internally splitted to create a pair of +3..+6V and -3..-6V power lines.

    The total buffer capacity is 4000 uF to lower the effective battery impedance.

    For amplification two single AD8610 opamps are used for maximal sonic performance.(No dual or quad-opamps!)

    The 3.5 mm sockets are silver-plated.

    Inside the signal path only metal-resistors and high-quality film-capacitors are used (polypropylene).

    The enclosure is made entirely of aluminium.

    - mini-mini interconnect (gold plated)
    - screwdriver to open the amp
    - 4 rubber feet
    - user manual


    Update 10-31-2007

    Within these first four weeks 134 amplifiers have been sold or made a reservation for. That’s really not bad at all. Black and Silver seem to be equally popular.

    Till now the responses of the new owners of this little amp are all very positive, so I have no doubt that the remaining amps will also be sold within the next 2..4 months.

    It’s a pity though, that no one has written any extensive (comparative) review of the HEADSIX yet. Guys, don’t be shy!!


    Update 12-07-2007

    Right now around half of the amps has been sold or made a reservation for so there's still plenty available.


    Update 03-19-2008

    The bad news is, that sales on the HEADSIX has dropped considerably after the introduction of the 2MOVE and the temporary black-out of Head-Fi a few months ago.

    The good news is, that there is still plenty of stock. :)

    The bad news is, that I had to increase the Dollar-price of the amp to USD 170,- / USD 185,- , due to the strongly changing EURO-DOLLAR exchange rate. Sorry guys, but otherwise I would be loosing on this one! I tried to keep the price fixed as long as possible but now I have to give in. Please understand.

    The good news is, that the Head-Fi contribution ( USD 9000,- ) has been transferred to Jude already. I hope he will find a destination for it.


    Update 08-13-2008-08-13

    For those interested in this offer, please do not hesitate. There is still plenty of stock (both colors)!


    Update 09-11-2008


    The dollar is finally recovering itself. Therefore dollar price has now been corrected to USD 155,-!


    Update 10-25-2008

    Dear Headfellows,

    The financial crisis has brought us many bad news lately. However, there is one small thing that you may like to hear. Due to the rapid changes of the Dollar-Euro exchange rate I have been able to lower the price of the HEADSIX to USD 145,- only.


    Update 01-05-2010

    Dear Headfellows,

    Due to the economic crisis, the poor dollar-exchange rate and stiff competition from Asia sales of the HEADSIX unfortunately never reached the anticipated numbers, despite the enthusiasm of the people that own one. However, we now have reached a point where the silver version is no longer available. There only is (limited) stock of the black version remaining.


  2. rockbottom
    Wow, such acts definitely deserve to be applauded!

    Thanks Jan!
  3. rxc
    Hmmm, I'm not having any reservations about sending Jan an envelope of cash.

    Don't know how I feel about that.
  4. becomethemould
    i'm down!
  5. Dzjudz
    Wow that looks good. Man, that thing is as small as a 9V battery driven amp can possibly get! That 9V is cramped in there. (Edit: about same width and hight as Tomahawk, just slightly longer, yowza!)

    And again a great gesture from Dr. Jan to Head-Fi!
  6. Dual
    Pretty awesome but I ready own the Move so ill pass.
  7. Schalldampfer
    Agh... need to cram in a DAC...
  8. xnothingpoetic
    Not saying you can't trust Jan, but it wouldn't be very smart to send cash in the mail...
  9. MonolithTMA

    Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Not saying you can't trust Jan, but it wouldn't be very smart to send cash in the mail...

    Agreed, I've had three greeting cards in standard envelopes go missing when they were only going from Ohio to Massachusetts.

    If I bought one I'd definitely be paying extra for PayPal.
  10. kpeezy
    That's really amazing [​IMG] I love the support head-fi gets from all around and how dealings happen here. I just get a great feeling from this place [​IMG]
  11. Hi-Finthen
    Tough offer to pass up; Thanks Jan for your continued support of Head-Fi!
  12. apnk
    Oh man, thats awesome Jan!
  13. jimmy8269
    This amp will tear my wallet again.
  14. tk3
    Wow, I'm kind of tempted to get one of these while I'm waiting for my Reference. =/
  15. speedbird151
    I'm down. Thanks Doctor for bringing it here.
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