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The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. protoss
    Thats a GSX-MK2? The very first version? Looks different. Any more pics? Close up pics?

    I am just curious why you went out and bought this? The gsx-mini most likely would of been the same price. With better internal parts etch...
  2. brocrusher
    I will have to take some when I am done at work but as far as I can tell its the same as the rest. Perhaps its just the angle? if you lick the image it should get the original size image. Also the PSU is to the right of it as I followed Justin's manual and did not stack them.

    As for my reasoning I had read a bunch of great things about the Mk2, I liked the fact that the amp came with a Low, Medium, and High setting which to me is much more versatile, and I planned on getting a balanced dac and balanced headphone cable so having that extra feature of all balanced sources just didn't seem necessary. Not only that what I paid for this ended up being cheaper than the gsx mini. As for better internal parts I dont know enough about the new GSX mini to contest that but I have a hard time believing it could be such a vast improvement after hearing the GSX mk2.
  3. protoss
    Okay cool. As long you paid lower than the cost of the mini. I think its a good deal?
  4. brocrusher
    Yeah I really think so. Also here are pics of the amp https://www.head-fi.org/threads/headamp-gsx-mk-2-sold.896669/ from when I think the original owner was selling it. I ended up buying it from the guy who bought it from this poster.
  5. commtrd
    I currently run GL Mk2 and it is sounding pretty sweet. Looking forward someday to either GSX Mini or GSX Mk2. Can GSX Mk2 take single-ended inputs also? If not looks like GSX Mini...
  6. Law87

    I would consider the GS-1 if you are considering single ended. it's cheaper, plenty of power and sound maybe just as good.
  7. commtrd
    Answer to previous question about SE vs balanced inputs. As usual there is always a trade-off of some sort. Probably can't go far wrong with either GSX Mk2 or GSX Mini.
  8. protoss
    Gsx-mini is a better buy.
  9. joseph69
    Yes, the GS-x mk2 has both SE & balanced inputs, but you'd be using half the amps power with SE.
  10. joseph69
    Good luck finding one, though.
  11. Law87
    lol I snatch it up on sale in 20 min hahah I was ready to pull the trigger on the RHNP too.


    stats for those that are looking for GS-1

    32ohms ~7W
    50ohms ~4.5W
    100ohms ~2.2w
    300ohms ~750mW
    600ohms ~375mW
  12. purk Contributor

    Are u sure about those stats above?
  13. joseph69
    Great find. I had the GS-1 w/DACT & Dynalo + Modules but sold it when I received my GS-X mk2.
  14. Law87
    I think it is right....
  15. Law87

    it sounds great with my HD820, really tightening up the bass and keep everything relatively the same just more amplifier...
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