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The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. eddie0817
    Thanks elan and Whirlwind.



    I am wondering if got some improvements on the model.
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  2. purk Contributor
    Just the color of the amp module board. No improvements here.
  3. TSAVJason
    Every now and then “The Purk” chimes in for a provocative comment :)
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  4. eddie0817
    Thanks Purk and Jason :)
  5. T Bone
    I picked up a new Chord Qutest DAC last night. One of the features of the Qutest is adjustable voltage on the RCA outputs. You can select 1V, 2V or 3V output.

    What voltage does the HeadAmp GS-X mk2 "expect" on its RCA input?
    Do the XLR inputs "expect" the same voltage or are they different than the RCA.

  6. HeadAmpTeam
    The GS-X mk2 is compatible with all three of those voltage outputs. Effectively, it gives the device more of a possible range of volume settings, think of it as like having a gain switch on the Qutest. Using the 3V output it's less likely you'd have a use for the high gain setting on the GS-X, whereas using the 1V setting would give you more useful volume steps on low gain with a highly efficient headphone or IEM.

    As to the question of XLR vs. RCA, neither input expects or requires a particular voltage, and the amp circuitry applies the same gain regardless of input source. Of course because the GS-X mk2 is a full-balanced design, when you use an RCA input, you are getting single-ended output, even from the XLR outputs. The forthcoming GS-X mini does not have that limitation, but does have a lower maximum power output and shared power supply for L/R channels.
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  7. T Bone
    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try "gain matching" the DAC and the amp so that I get the most number of usable steps in the volume pot.

    Lack of balanced outputs was the one "concern" I had about the Qutest. My former DAC offered balanced outputs to the balanced inputs on the GS-X.
  8. whirlwind
    I have been using my GS-X mk2 as a pre-amp for my GEL3N tube amp with sublime results.

    What a great piece of gear...love this amp.
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  9. Law87
    guys I'm trying to find the output power of the GS-1, can anyone chime in?
  10. yage
  11. Law87
  12. yage
    If it's a GS-1 with the Dynalo+ modules, then the middle column is what you want to look at. The rightmost column is equivalent to the GS-1 with the original modules. Use Ohm's law to find max power output (P = V^2 / R).
  13. Law87
    unless my math is wack a 15v (Conservatively) into 300ohms is 750mW?

    that is more than the Liquid Platinum single ended output....
  14. yage
    Liquid Platinum specs are probably RMS power, which would be lower. To get that from the posted numbers, multiple by .707 and then put it through the formula.

    The caveat to all this is that we don't know what level of distortion and measurement bandwidth, so I wouldn't use it as the exact number, but it's a number.
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  15. brocrusher
    I just got my own GSX Mk-2 after lurking this sub for over a year and couldn't be more pumped. I originally started out with a schiit magni then upgraded to the Gilmore Lite Mk2 as it was all I could afford at the time and noticed an instant improvement. Now having switched from the Gilmore to the GSX I am noticing again a much wanted improvement. Where the soundstage sounded narrower for my cans on the gilmore I am getting what I feel now is accurate imaging. My headphones finally sound like their price point. Even cooler part is this one has serial number 1 so its even cooler to have that history. Now I just have to wait for the matrix sabre pro to come in and I will be at my end game.


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