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The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. brocrusher
    Does any one have a recommended gain setting for a pair of Shure 535s? I have them in at low right now and it sounds super faint but I am worried if I go Medium or High that will damage them or even worse my hearing.
  2. brocrusher
    So I got the Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro MQA dac to go with my Head amp gsx mk 2 and I am beyond thrilled with the two. If you are looking for an endgame combo this is it.
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  3. Law87
    20190528_163334 (1).jpg 20190528_163322 (1).jpg

    man thats sexy....I might wanna save this and sell my Woo Audio lol
  4. elChefe
    Curious if anyone has compared the gsx-mk2 to the Schiit Rag? I’m looking to go from my Audio-GD Master9 to the Rag but after hearing the GSXmk2 at canjam I’m also considering it as an option. What are the benefits of the gsx over the Rag? What are the sonic differences? How does the circuit differ? I know the gsx is a better amplifier but I just would like some specifics as to why. I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to amplifier circuit design and what makes one better technically besides basic things like noise floor levels and distortion. I would also be using the amp as a preamp to drive a pair of Vidar feeding Vandersteen Model 3’s. The amp would be fed with a Audio-GD r2r7 until I upgrade to a Schiit Yggy or denefrips terminator.
  5. Roasty
    May I ask what were your other options for DACs and why you decided to choose the matrix?

    I auditioned the matrix sabre pro and benchmark dac 3 and ended up ordering the benchmark.
  6. brocrusher

    Yeah no problem. I was using a 1st gen schiit modi. To be honest however I didnt really know what I was doing till I got the matrix in terms of source files and computer settings so my reference may not be that great. That being said I wish I had gotten the standard pro instead of the mqa option as you lose the ability for 32bit sampling until they do some sort of update but who knows when that is coming.

    All in all though I cant imagine anything sounding better than the matrix. I assume the benchmark is just as good but I cant compare so I don't know. I am also on the camp that the dac should give you an accurate representation of what is being transmitted and not altering that. That being said I think the gsx mk2 giving the cans the juice they needed is what made the biggest difference in my enjoyment. The matrix just allows for more nuances to peak through I didnt hear before on the modi. Again that could have been me ****ing up the settings and not using great source material till now.

    Last but not least there is a lot of stuff that sounds like garbage on this system but thats the artists/producers/mixers fault not the equipment.
  7. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I love the Benchmark DAC-3 with the GS-X MK2!!! Here's my review on the DAC (and with the GS-X MK2 featured with it) in case you're interested:
  8. Roasty
    Lol actually that review of yours was one of the first ones of the dac 3 that I read. And also the one that influenced me to audition it in the first place.. Many thanks for the awesome write up.

    I was debating between the gsx mk2 and woo audio 22. In the end, I ordered the woo audio. Was a bit worried the dac 3 and gsx mk2 would be too bright for me so I decided on a tube amp to hope to mellow it down a bit.

    I did manage to try the dac 3 with the bemchmark hpa4 as well as some of the higher end auris tube amps. I just slightly preferred the sound of the dac with the tubes.
  9. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I found a neutral DAC (like the DAC-3) and amp (like the GS-X MK2) offered an incredibly transparent presentation. But if you get the HGC version with the headphone out, it can drive almost any headphone you can throw at it (except for maybe the LCD-4, Abyss Phi TC, Susvara)...but pretty much everything else. So maybe a WA22 could be a fun alternative?
  10. Roasty
    I'll post some impressions once my dac and the Wa22 reach me. I actually ordered the dac 3 b version without the integrated headphone amp.

    A solid state amp is still in the consideration to complete my audio lineup. I've managed to try out the Violectric 281 (which I've read is quite highly regarded and well reviewed), but am yet to listen to a gsx mk2 for myself. I hope the chance presents itself in the not too distant future.
  11. whirlwind
    Man, this amp is a real workhorse and the synergy with LCD-3 pre-fazor is so very good.

    What a wonderful low end and such smooth and addictive mids.

    Listening to Robert Plant Greatest Hits 3 cd set

    Can't imagine the mini not being a huge success.

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  12. eee1111

    just not those headphones. And the GSX is Blue.
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  13. Thaddy Contributor
    Placed my order for a GS-X Mk2a few days ago, I’m very excited to receive it. It should be a good compliment to my Woo Audio WA2, although I have a feeling I’ll be upgrading to the WA22 for its balanced capability. I’ve never heard the HD800’s or anything from Audeze, worth trying out coming from the 650/600’s and T1’s?
  14. JLoud
    I just bought a GSX Mk2 recently as well. To compliment my WA5. Audeze is a warmer sounding headphone than the T1. Harder and deeper hitting bass as well. I feel they pair very well with both amps.
  15. preproman
    I may be looking for another one of these. I really miss it. Does anyone know the current wait time?
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