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The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) Reviews and Impressions Thread

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  1. SomeGuyDude
    I'm eyeballing the S4, but apparently there's a King Pro coming?
  2. snip3r77
    Source fro the King Pro?
  3. SomeGuyDude
    Someone on reddit mentioned it, apparently it came from a Facebook post or something. If no one else has heard about it I'm going to assume it's BS and just go for the S4.
  4. snip3r77
    I saw it at Reddit and it spreaded here.
  5. SomeGuyDude
    sounds like it's just a rumor then. Makes my life easier!
  6. snip3r77
    Very Initial Impression
    Received my TFZ King that I ordered on 11.11.
    Balanced and COHERENT sound, good separation - it's slightly bright and I'm fine with it.
    Bass and sub-bass is there, not overpowering.
    Soundstage is WIIIDE.

    Tried the stock rubber and complys
    Seems like the stock "complys" is better to make the sound thicker/fuller and tame the highs to the right amount that I prefer.
  7. Spelaeus
    Still waiting on my order. I'm curious, how's isolation with the foams? Reviews of good isolation are part of what steered me towards the Kings over a few other options.
  8. snip3r77
    Foams are better to me at least. YMMV
  9. dorino
    I shared this experience in the sub-100 dollar thread, but here's relevant, too!

    A while back I purchased a used TFZ King on eBay. They were supposed to be the newer model with a removable cable, but weren't. They were also very much broken on arrival, with super tinny sound.

    I returned those. Come 11/11, I picked up a new pair for under 70 dollars. They arrived recently, but the connector prongs on the cable were too long and stuck out. They worked flawlessly and sounded great, also very easy to drive.

    Today, a dremel fixed the too-long prongs, and now they're functional *and* they look great. Super happy camper, great earphones for 70 dollars.
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  10. dorino
    Isolation with foam is great.
  11. snip3r77
    foams also??
  12. Tim Le
    Hey guys, does the TFZ Series 5 have problems with the right side dying? I noticed there are 2-3 on eBay where only the right side is dead. These will be my dailies for the gym, so they won't be babied at all.
  13. Podster
    I just have so many IEM's I never went past the Series 1/1s and to this day (or last night while I wore my S1 Carbon's doing grocery shopping) but IMHO TFZ makes a great product for the $$$. B9 really has expressed his enjoyment of the King's and I've sure been tempted but with a couple dozen IEM's already I just can't but I did want to jump on here and say I absolutely love my S1's, they really deliver for a reasonable price:beerchug:

    Yobster69 and B9Scrambler like this.
  14. aaDee
    You should try King with a warm sounding set up. I'm using them with Shanling M2s and they sound freaking awesome.
  15. Podster
    THX @aaDee , I'm sure they do as my S1's sound fantastic on my M1 and M2. The Shanling house sound suits me and that darn Nik has always helped me spend money on Shanling's, Bless his Heart:tongue::wink: Maybe one day I'll meet the Kings:)
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