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The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) Reviews and Impressions Thread

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  1. jmwreck
    Hi guys, I need your opinion on which one to get? TFZ Series 2 or 4 or the King?

    I have some KZs (ES3, ZST, ZS6) and I want it to have a similar bass of the ZS6 and hopefully with a lesser treble.
  2. Podster
    I never got past the ones which I love, I will say @B9Scrambler gives the Kings high marks.
  3. AlexiusC
    I just bought over a TFZ King with the Final audio tips. The reason I bought it was because my ibasso IT03 failed me with a channel imbalanced.

    Win presently using an Onkyo DP-X1A and boy, the im screaming like a little boy while listening to it. The soundstage is wide, yet detailed. The highs are bright and sparkly. The bass however, is a little heavy. The segmentation between the highs mids and lows are really obvious.

    Best I proceed to change to the JVC Spiral Dots and Spinfits. Somehow or rather it feels pretty laidback. However, when I changed to the Acoustune HE017 tips (the treble tips), the immediate noticeable difference is the bass. Bass doesn't feel overpowering. Mids felt lovely but what's really special is the higher mid towards the trebles. It's not only sparkly but it becomes more intimate and there are more noticeable details there. I'm actually hearing things that I don't get to listen to while I was listening to my IT03 with a balanced cable.

    Oh boy.. this is getting really fun man!
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  4. stryed
    Have you tried contacting Paul from Ibasso? Build quality and reputation alone set this brand high up in my personal ranking.
    I striked TFZ off my list of 100usd IEMs because of a few quality control issues posted on Amazon and was aiming towards Fiio f9 and Pionner ch9t, while driving off the temptation of 11.11 TFZ KINGS at 65euro...
    IT01 was my chosen one!!!!

    Now I believe that all is bleak...everything falls apart... :worried:

    On the upside, my KZ ZS5 are nice...would like more refinement and mid clarity.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
  5. aaDee
    Even I agree to you. King are very tip dependant. Few tips make them sound flat n shouty at mids n treble whereas other will make them sound full with nice deep bass. They are totally worth the praise.
  6. AlexiusC
    I've yet to contact him because I kinda feel that it's not worthwhile. Ibasso, despite making really great bang for bucks products (I used to own DX50 and DX90), it doesn't appear to me as a company with durable products. I agree IT03 is an awesome IEM about having to take leaves to RMA my IEM due to channel imbalance previously and now the third time? Bah.. I'm giving up. The TFZ is a cheaper and good alternative to me. I can't imagine waiting for months to receive my IEM again and I have to pay almost the same price (shipping, product and repair costs).

    TFZ King requires time to ascend the throw (est 120-150 hours I heard) so you should buy First and think later lol
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  7. AlexiusC
    I guessed it's as equally picky as CA Andromeda lol
  8. stryed
    Give Paul a shout, you have nothing to lose except having to give more comparisons on the long run:beyersmile:
    I guess the TFZ king is a pretty good bang for the buck!

    One thing that bothers me in reviews is the term "musicality" which might refer to smoothness in all the right places. Apparently, the IT01 has some of that while the TFZ KING is more analytic with some bass slam. Is that accurate?
  9. AlexiusC
    I guessed I'll drop him a PM on this when I've got the time lol.

    Abs for the TFZ, I do agree it's a ted too analytical. I personally think it's much bassier and ananalytical as compared to the IT03. I tried it with the Ares II+ and I felt the distinct difference in the airyness well as the bass quantity. There's a slight drop in details but I feel it's more enjoyable. However, I noticed there's an increase in 'noises' in the sub-bass frequencies which starts to bother me.

    Next I tried the Thor II (non-plus). The cable mellowed the details and made it really enjoyable. Trebles felt smoother and the bass in general was 'just nice'. In this case, I think this pairing is considered 'musical'. Lol!

    Tips used are with Acoustune AET07. :)
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  10. liquidrats
    I came across My Love II yesterday from lendmeurears retail outlet, and was amazed by the sound quality out of it. Good extension all round and easy to drive. Just that the sound isolate is pretty weak
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  11. dorino
    Hate to say it, but after a month one of the King earphones just died. It's super, suuuuuper faint while the other is normal still. Not the cable; it's the earphone. Very disappointed. Little options as far as getting it working.

    I went ahead and bought some Porta Pros to do the job when I'm out. I definitely enjoyed the TFZ King, but if I only got to enjoy them for a month... Less than enthused overall.
  12. AlexiusC
    You can try the IT01. It's a good alternative over the TFZ King.
  13. snip3r77
    You definitely can send back for RMA
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  14. dorino
    how? I have a warranty card with no address, a website that's almost entirely Chinese and not a lot of interest in paying for international shipping.

    I'd definitely be interested in getting them fixed, if nothing else as a back-up pair of headphones for on-the-go. I'm thinking that I'm moving back away from IEMs again, though, for other reasons. My ears (physically) don't really agree with IEMs, frankly.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
  15. snip3r77
    just PM the seller ask for his address and send back.
    make sure it's registered mail
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