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The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) Reviews and Impressions Thread

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  1. dorino
    I've had too many issues with going through the seller (on retailers like Aliexpress or DHGate), so was hoping the manufacturer's warranty was worth something from my perspective. Regardless, I'll reach out.
  2. snip3r77
    Seriously it's really a non-issue dealing the usual suspects NiceHCK, AK Store etc . No problems for me.
    Just a polite msg and they should reply. They would want to keep their stars and this is their livelyhood and they know that $80 for an IEM is not exactly a cheap product.
  3. jant71
    Happy Holiday to all!

    Pro is out and nice with the Red/Blue and a handsome green...

    Not liking the look of the graph image as far as wanting more sub-bass. Have to wait on the impressions perhaps. Once the price settles may be a good IT01/King Pro fight :)
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017
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  4. kevinscottcaja
    20171226024843746.jpg 20171226024751702.jpg 20171226024812998.jpg 20171226025146636.jpg

    Another new IEMs from TFZ called Tequila, I wish these are Planar Magnetic similar to Unique Melody ME.1
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
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  5. jant71
    Nice find!

    Should call them Spidey1
    Saw that they are 8.9mm graphene drivers with 20ohm and 105 Sens.

    KING PRO kept clear sounds made clearly of KING but while the sound field became wider and the feeling of cramping of the overall sound was improved considerably, I felt quite nice, honest first generation King thought that point (Sweat) TFZLUX TEQUILA 1 has made the King PRO sound field even wider, the sound elongation is getting better, there is no feeling to emphasize the edge of the sound felt by King PRO and it is natural sound It was the impression that it sings a model. TEQUILA 1 was a favorable impression with simple sounds, but it seems that prices are not understood at all here, so it depends on the price."

    Seems to say the Tequila has an even bigger stage than the King Pro. They kinda look open behind the web looking design.
    Definitely smaller than the King Pro.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
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  6. mochill
    Looks great
  7. ivo001
    TFZ King Pro listed on Massdrop now for $124,99.
  8. meringo
    I just got the Exclusive5 2nd hand for $50. I wonder if I should re-list them and just jump on this... thoughts? I don't usually chase the budget stuff, but this TFZ company is tempting my inner bass head.
  9. bjaardker
    TFZ has been very good with RMAs through their resellers for me. I believe it was NiceHCK I went through who helped me with an RMA and didn't even require me to send headphone back. I just took detailed pictures of the problem and they were able to ship me a new pair.

    Not saying that it will work that way for you since it's not a physical defect, but it's still worth trying.
  10. Glebuzzz
    King Pro looks interesting to me, but I hope they won't be "balanced" like their Balance 2M iem
  11. Melanie Litton
    So I have the 5s and love the bass and vibrant sound. I've actually like them much better than some of my more expensive IEM's. Now I'm curious about the My Love II. I'd like a bigger sound stage without losing any of the bass of the 5s's. For those of you who have heard the My Love II what's your opinion? Worth grabbing?
  12. snip3r77

    Maybe can take a look at iBasso IT01.
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  13. Melanie Litton
    Thanks snip3r77. Those look interesting!
  14. liquidrats
    my love ii are my daily drivers; it's more of fun tuning good extension on every ends... try it.
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  15. ivo001
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