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The FiiO X1 Discussion and Help and Support Thread |192K/24B|100mW | LO | inline remote

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamesfiio, Nov 20, 2013.
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  1. Textfeud
    Yep. I don't need the DAC function so easy choice for me.
  2. imackler
    Do either have replaceable batteries? Thanks for your help! 
  3. Textfeud
    From my understanding you can send it back to Fiio and they replace it for you. You can also buy the battery and do it yourself but I think you need soldering skills. 
    *That is with X3, I think it will be the same with X1 but not sure.
  4. h1f1add1cted
    The X3 has:
    - more powerful amp
    - coax output
    - 8 GB internal storage
    - DSD support
    - and can be used as a USB DAC
  5. Textfeud
    Will this Micro SDHC card work well: Sandisk SD 32 GB MICRO CLASS10? I can get it for 20 euro here in Holland, will it perform well and how about putting the music on the card time wise? 
  6. Richsvt
    I just placed a pre-order with B&H. Can't wait to get this thing. I have my hi res files all warmed up ready for it. Need to look at micro sd cards. Thinking maybe (2) 64 gigs to swap back and forth, to help keep the library from loading slowly and make things easier to find. What are others using in the X3 and X5?
  7. jenia1
    65 usd shipping to Germany?? WT.......
  8. gecko92
    But what about SQ? What are the differences?
  9. jenia1
    there are now dozens of offers in taobao but i dont see the point of that since it end up around 160 usd incl.  the agent costs and the shipping that they offer. is they a way to bypass the agents? >.<
  10. phillipwareham
    i live in china, so i've never used one of the agents. i assumed they were easier than that, or people wouldn't use them! it's almost exactly 100usd here in china, so if the target price of 100usd in the usa holds true you would be better off just waiting a week or whatever and buying from a US based seller.

  11. jenia1
    oh i didnt know that, you are based geograficaly well then! :D
    im living in Germany, the US based shop B&H charges 99usd+ 65 usd shipping and i am too cheap to pay 99 euros to get it from the netherlands, in Britain its 99 GBP- pure ripoff
  12. x RELIC x Contributor

    One Sandisk 128gb and one Sandisk 64gb in my X5.

    Formatted with the X5. No issues. Zero.
  13. phillipwareham
    plenty of people travel to china now. maybe someone can bring it back for you.someone ought to be stocking this in germany, though.
  14. jenia1
    i dont think the prices in Germany would be lower than 99 eur. but i guess ill be ought to pay that price eventually :d
  15. Textfeud
    Yes, then you are cheap. Ordering from China will save you exactly 22 euro (shipping cost not included!) but you will get slapped by custom fees for more than that. 
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