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The FiiO X1 Discussion and Help and Support Thread |192K/24B|100mW | LO | inline remote

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamesfiio, Nov 20, 2013.
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  1. Cotnijoe
    I wish i knew how the two compare :/

    If anyone wanta to lend me a X3 to compare? Gimme a heads up?
  2. TripBitShooter
    X1 + E11k vs X3 please. This combo is closest in price to the X3 and also seems like the most popular. I have yet to get my X1 and E11k, but the main reason im digging this combo is cos the E11k can help improve the sound of my E10k
  3. Audiophilliac
    Thanks - I'll get one through Taobao
  4. twister6 Contributor
    Confirmed!  The sale price will be $99 and they expect to have X1 in the store by the end of September.  I will be periodically checking availability and will let you guys know as soon as it hits the Miccastore.com.
  5. Wokei

    Woot...Woot...hope they be the same price over here...cheers
  6. batteraziiz

    Good news! [​IMG]
  7. danimoca

    BTW, do they ship worldwide?
  8. mdh994
    I emailed Fiio the other day and they will be available in Australia at the end of this month or early october :D
    so keen!!!
  9. szmer
    Hi Guys, 
    sorry if the question has been asked already asked but hard to find with 140 pages.
    I have the fiio e18 already to use it with my xperia z1 compact and a b&w p7 headphone.
    will their be any advantage for me, sound quality- wise, to replace the smartphone with the x1, or is all "the work" in this setup done by the e18 anyway?
    Thanks kindly for answers if any :)
  10. d1sturb3d

    I think you are already set! No need to replace your setup :D
  11. szmer
    An other question than,
    I just had sony's new nwz A-10 in hands at the IFA in Berlin, its really small and light, and will be priced at 199$ 
    Any of You who had the x1 also had the opportunity to compare it to sony's thing?
  12. TripBitShooter
    i think if the price is any factor, you should compare it to the FiiO X3 which is closer in price.
  13. munggo
    I'm also interested in this comparison.. Will most probably be getting an e11k to pair up with a rb iPod 5th.. Though am thinking whether I should just get an x3..
  14. bruce1967
    Headphone Bar in Canada say they hope to have the X1 in stock in 2 to 4 weeks. MP4 Nation told me they don't know if they will be getting it or not.
  15. clee290
    Good to know! Any mention of the price? I wonder if it'd be cheaper/quicker to buy from an Asia-based shop and get it shipped to Canada.
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