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Due to the old thread being broken by a forum glitch (you can't view the last posts, and making a regular post sends you into an infinite loop), this is a new one. The cause of the bug is known, so there's no need to discuss it.


Please check these two links and the FAQ first:

Audio-gd's web page for the Compass here.


My main Compass FAQ I've written up and posted here.

If you have a question about shipping times, please email Audio-gd. They are the only people who can give you accurate information.
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Unfortunately I'm not able to verify this from the original thread, but I remember users reporting this:

just ran over 350hr mark on the burn-in and I noticed the sound change dramatically. very flat, uninvolving and very bass shy. Gone is the dynamic yet a bit mellow sound with huge soundstage.

I have been running pink noise from computer 24/7 for over two weeks now, occasionally listening music for couple of hours just to test the effects of burn-in. In original thread I stated that I'm not a big believer in burning in equipment, but damn does the compass change! At the moment it is very dull to listen to. First it was a bit grainy, very forward and in your face. It settled down approx in 50 hour mark and got relaxed on 100hr mark or so.

Now I'm just waiting for this teenage fallout to end and the compass to reach it's adulthood
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so this amp isn't good out of the box, gets good and then gets flat and then gets better? sounds annoying to me
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I am at about the same hour mark for burn-in with my Compass with continous music and occasional test pattern? sounds playing thru it and my 'phones(low volume) .
I'm hearing the same kind of up and down changes sonically and dynamically ...there is a nice liquidity in the mid range and upper low end(with what I can hear anyway and with what music i'm listening to...)
My ears are more accustomed to it and I think some of this burn in stuff is just your brain kind of growing around its sound and whatever ....
I am very happy with it ... I am somewhat curious as to the degree of improvement with the c2c and dacmk3, etcetra but from what I read, they are not night/day improvements over the Compass .
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Originally Posted by fluffygdog95 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
All I have had to test the Compass so far is some HD555s. I have a feeling I will be quite happy when I get the HD650s.

I can guarantee you that you'll be happy.
Going from HD555 to HD650 is a huge step.
Also, HD650 and Compass go verry well together.
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XD Im gone for a month to graduate and move and you guys go and break the thread! Good job! =P
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Originally Posted by Gatto /img/forum/go_quote.gif
so this amp isn't good out of the box, gets good and then gets flat and then gets better? sounds annoying to me

It's a odd fact of life for Audio-gd gear, it's all over the map until it settles. Once it settles it's no longer annoying..................

Magnepan planars are equally annoying until the 500 hour mark....I can name all kinds of annoying gear that requires an annoying period of burn thing is for sure...nobody likes being annoyed by annoying gear...what makes things worse though is being annoyed by annoying music played back on an annoying incompletely burned in piece of kit which by design, is in itself, annoying.

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Originally Posted by Superfrag /img/forum/go_quote.gif
lol, that was confusing..
any burn in tips!?

I managed to annoy myself with that post....

Just keep listening is my advice. The change is quite apparent once you get there.

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I can confirm that the burn-in can be done just by leaving the unit switched on, without music playing, if you want to waste energy that way.

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