1. greenarrow

    Need advice on my next headphone

    My AKG K702 just went south for reason which I can't figure out.  Generally, I use the headphone for my gaming and music sessions. Which headphone should I get for my requirement?   I've with me a first generation Audio-gd Compass which my AKG is connected. What I look for is a headphone with...
  2. delta

    AudioGD compass quieter on right side

    Greetings. Unsure who is familiar with the original AudioGD Compass, but...   I've owned a compass for a long while, but I recently noticed the right channel has become lower volume than the left.  I checked the headphones on another source, and I tried using optical in over the USB.  The...
  3. chrisr34000

    Connecting DAC/AMP to active monitors

    Hello!   I want to connect my Audio GD Compass DAC/AMP to my Adam F7 studio monitors. There are two options here:   XLR male to Cinch male   OR   Cinch male to Cinch male   The cables should be about 4m long. What should I choose?   By the way: I have connectors labelled "preamp" and...
  4. GaryPham

    Audio-GD compass?

    Hey guys, quick question for those of you who had/still have the original Audio-GD compass.  I see a couple of these floating around on the classifieds here and was wondering how they stack up against today's DAC/amp combos such as the O2/ODAC, Aune T1, and Magni/Modi stack.  I know there were...
  5. xiangyu1129

    DAC/AMP for q701 Under $300

    Hi,   I have $300 budget for the DAC/AMP pairing with Q701. The gear should also has a RCA input to work as an amp alone. Used are acceptable.   M-stage? Compass? These are two gears I found.    It seems M-stage is getting quite a fame. How does Compass(old version, cannot afford the...
  6. B0b

    Headphone speaker (Audio-GD Compass) usable with passive speakers (Audioengine P4)?

    Hello folks,   I'm wondering if the amp section of my Audio-GD Compass headphone amp/DAC is usable with passive speakers such as the Audioengine P4? I'm fairly sure it can be used as a DAC, but what about the amp? It looks like it has DAC and preamp connectors. Not sure what a preamp does...
  7. Kassem

    Where would you go from here? Current: Audio-GD compass. Staying with Audio-GD FOR SURE.

    Can't get enough of these guys.  Love everything I've heard/read about them.   I own a compass and am very happy with it.  Would like to try Wolfson 8741.  Seeing as how I am happy w/ the amp on the compass should I go with NFB 3.1 and then amp it with the compass?  OR should I go with...
  8. Olev

    Audio-GD Compass - 3 years on

    I just noticed that my Compass had its 3rd birthday a month ago. How many of you guys still remember the buzz it made? I still have it in day to day use at work and it keeps up quite nicely. Opened it up and it looks like on the day I bought it. For me it was the first step into "hi-fi" from...
  9. HyperTension

    Help with Audio-gd Compass and TitaniumHD

    OK, I've had this card for about 4 months and I've been using it with my receiver without any issues......     Then I move....   I'm in the process of trying to arrange my PC, and really don't have the room for a receiver, so I decide to run this through my Compass  (been locked up for 4...
  10. franmon83

    Audio-gd Compass 2 amp/DAC Impressions thread

    I received my Audio-gd Compass 2 yesterday (default build with the 2 free TCXOs... not sure what those are supposed to change to the sound, but hey: they were free!), and I thought I would publish a summary of first impressions I got with the unit.   While reading this post, keep in mind...
  11. jtaylor991

    Ubuntu/Linux and USB DACs

    So, I'm running Ubuntu 12.10, and I want to use my PS Audio DLIII DAC with it. I have my Audio-gd Compass on my desktop (Ubuntu 12.10) and it shows it as a USB Audio DAC with a digital output. On my laptop (also Ubuntu 12.10) my DLIII shows as a PCMxxx (random numbers) device (or something like...
  12. ashishkushwaha

    DAC/Amp suggestions needed - All details included !!!!

    Hi All,   This is a both Headphone AMP as well as a DAC recommendation thread. I will start with all the details first:   Current Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT 990 (600 ohm) Music I listen to - Trance (lots of trance), New Age, instrumentals, chillout Current monitors - Swan t200b...
  13. holykmw3x2

    The original AUDIO-GD COMPASS

    Hey is the original AUDIO-GD COMPASS a upgrade over let's say a Mangi/Modi stack?
  14. steve2151

    Audio-GD Compass 2

    New product that looks like an upgraded version of the Compass and Fun. Priced at $499.   Kingwa claims infinite upgradability due to the solderless dac section (can switch between Sabre and Wolfson chips), opamps, dir module, and USB chip. Also has a line in function which is normally not...
  15. Gav80K

    Audio-gd Compass Broke - Replacement Suggestions?

    My Audio-gd Compass just died, which is a shame because I'd been very happy with it.  I went to the Audio-gd website to order another one but the Compass is no longer listed.   The equivalent seems to be the NFB-5.  Is that a good replacement for the Compass or is there another DAC+Amp in the...
  16. EndersShadow

    USB DAC and seperate headphone amp OR combo USB DAC headphone amp

    I have a big dilemma on my hands. I am trying to get a good nice hi-fi setup for listening to lossless audio files. Without getting into the nitty gritty, I plan to use a min-itx computer as my source of totally lossless files as a standalone unit (i.e. no networking at all). I want to send the...
  17. pHEnomIC

    Worth buying OP amps for audio-gd compasS? (sun & moon)?

    I have an audio-gd compass that i use with some denon d5000's.     I believe it has the earth op amp in it.   I really like this amp and plan on keeping it.  I figure it might be fun to do some customization to it.    Should I buy the opamps?   I was thinking the sun and moon...
  18. catchedge

    Next Headphone

    Okay so currently my setup is Desktop>Audio-GD Compass (Moon with Neutral Jumpers)>Recabled Denon D2000.   Recently, I've been finding myself listening harder and harder to things such as snare drums and symbols.  I've been wondering what would be a good setup for this.  I'm wanting to at...
  19. HD_Dude

    Audio-gd Compass - trouble with audio droputs

    Hi    I bought an Audio-gd Compass back when they first offered them for sale. About 2 years later, I noticed an occasional audio dropout - like a quick 1 second blank spot...but then the sound would return.   The Compass was being used exclusively for PC audio, fed to the Compass via...
  20. walfredo

    Outlaw 970 as a Headphone Amp: Awesome!!!

    Hi All,   I recently updated my speaker rig from 2.1 to 5.1 and got an Outlaw 970 as preprocessor.  It does work nicely in this function, but the nice surprise is that it is also an awesome DAC + headphone amp.   It is very clear and defined, yet beautifully musical.  Wonderful...
  21. blue_lammer

    Compass - Broken Amp & Looking for Advice - Loud Audible Buzzing

    My compass does not produce any sound at all regardless of the setting or input (I tried, amp only, usb, optical), removing the hdam, nothing works.  Worst of all when the gain switch is flipped to low there is a loud buzzing noise in the JRC-27F Telecom Relay found in the amp section(pictured...
  22. catchedge

    Audio GD Compass Jumper Settings

    Hello Head-Fi.   So I'm thinking about messing around with the Audio GD Compass jumper settings but I'm just curious where I can find any details on how to set them up and how each configuration changes the sound.  Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough but I can't seem to be able to find...
  23. backtofront001

    Issue with Compass

    Hey guys the LED on my Compass went out. Everything works but its just that the LED doesn't light up anymore. I thought I could ignore it since its a very small issue but being sort of a perfectionist doesn't help the situation as the tiny little LED problem is bugging the hell out of me. I...
  24. vk93

    where to buy audio-gd compass?

    Title says it all, I cant find them anywhere online. Do you guys know where they can be bought from?
  25. vk93

    Where to buy Audio GD Compass?

    Are there any places selling this amplifier, or do I have to get lucky and find someone who happens to be selling it?