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The Cayin C5 portable power house.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dsnuts, Aug 6, 2014.
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  1. Andykong
    That's a mistake on our part, I sincerely apology for that.

    I can either send you an electronic version of the C5 manual (in PDF), or mail you a physical copy of the C5 manual. Will drop you a PM to arrange a replacement ASAP.
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  2. EJ102
    No need, mistakes happen, However I am a having a problem with the top part of my C5 near the top on the right side being a little loose, everything is working fine though.
  3. twiceboss
    Anyone here interested with my used c5 amp? I want to let it go pretty cheap if u want.
  4. EJ102
    Also, my unit came with the top slightly loose, It will move up and down on the upper right side of the C5. It still plays and has no problems however it concerns me since it's under the headphone input and line out, I have no idea if glue is a good idea to keep it in place . IMG_20170622_193821[1].jpg IMG_20170622_193830[1].jpg or if I should get it checked out.
  5. Andykong
    That needs attention, please contact our service rep (email at my signature), they'll take care of you.
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  6. coolcrew23
    Hi everyone, i just want to ask here. Looking for an amp for my hd6xx. I want to upgrade from my schiit vali 1.

    Options now are fiio k5, fiio a5, and the Cayin C5.

    I want to know if getting the C5 would be an upgrade from my Vali.
  7. Ver JJ
    Is there any one of you guys tried to change the stock volume knob to maybe a more cylindrical once because I don't quite like the stock once?
  8. UprightMan
    Hi all, my c5 (amp only) is having issues.... it will simply turn off randomly quite often and won't turn back on again until i plug in a cable to the charge in port. Battery is full, i think a short. Any thoughts on what to do?
  9. squeakez
    I didn't have the same issues as you, but I did have a problem with the two connectors (headphone jack and jack to source) losing connection and shorting out on me on a regular basis. I contacted Andy and went through a long and torturous process that took many months. I am in the US and discovered that the shipping cost to Hong Kong was between $100 and $130 depending on which carrier was used. This was cost prohibitive for me since it would be the same cost to buy a new amp. Andy was kind enough to offer to have it sent to a US location near where he would be for a conference. He took it back to Hong Kong with him for repair and then several months later brought it back to the States when he had another conference. He then shipped it to me. I had been without it for 4 months. Much to my dismay, the problem had not been fixed at all!! It was having the exact same problem as before. When I contacted Andy, he said that I would have to pay for shipping both ways to get it repaired. I didn't think that was fair seeing as they should have fixed it in the first place.

    Very long-winded story there, but, my point is, if you live in the US, and your unit is under warranty (which mine was), you can pretty much forget about getting it fixed for a reasonable amount of money or in a timely fashion. I love my Cayin C5! I did buy a second unit that has been working fine. However, I now realize that if anything goes wrong, it will just have to go in the garbage. I think of these as disposable units.
  10. bobkiksbread
    Hey there!

    I've had my C5 (amp only) for almost a year now, powering my DT770s amazingly, but I'm thinking of getting a new pair of complimentary cans.

    Currently doing research on HD600s and AKG k702 and 712 and I was wondering if anyone in here has experience powering them with the C5.

    I've heard the k7-- series in general is incredibly amp dependent so I'm not sure what would work well with them!

    Using Hifimediy Sabre 9028 USB and UD 125 as transport.

    Thanks in advance!
  11. Francisk
    My C5 pairs with the HD600 very well and sounds very good for the price.
  12. squeakez
    The HD650 is an amazing pairing with the C5. On high gain with bass boost, it is my favorite combination. Powered by a MacBook Pro.
    dhm78 likes this.
  13. bobkiksbread
    Thank you for your replies! Yeah the HD series is looking nice to me right now, I have a friend with 600s so I'm gonna borrow them for a day, and see how I feel with em

    Anybody that uses the Cayin with the AKG's?
  14. CJG888
    Also consider the Hifiman HE400i.
  15. skingg
    I have the 712 Pro with the Cayin and they don't seem to pair well.
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