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The Cayin C5 portable power house.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dsnuts, Aug 6, 2014.
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  1. Andykong
    Cayin will be demonstrated at Headroom 2017at Metropolis Studios, Chiswick, London on 24th - 25th March, 2017.


    We shall demo together with oBrovo Audio at Studio A Recording. David from oBrovo is my personal friend and he shall demonstrate his unique range of Planar and AMT headphones and IEMs. You should be able to find N3 DAP, i5 DAP, C5 portable headphone amplifier and C5DAC Portable DAC/amp at the oBrovo booth.

    We want to thank Phil Wannell of Audio Sanctuary for including Cayin in the show at last minute. He has been very supportive and helpful, if you happen to enjoy the Cayin products at the headroom show, please thank Phil on my behalf, he is the only reason to make this happen.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. thelonious58
  3. Lohb

    Thought it was not avail. on amazon.co.uk unless you have a different link on there ?
    Maybe a new improved model about to be released ?
  4. thelonious58
    I just checked on Amazon.co.uk and entered Cayin C5 and it appeared immediately, 3 in stock at £99.99!
  5. Lohb
    Link by PM or on here please ?
  6. thelonious58
    Here is the link;
  7. Lohb
  8. thelonious58
    You're welcome. I hope you enjoy the smooth and powerful sound
  9. Lohb

    It appears I already emailed that seller. They state they have them in stock both on ebay/amazon but they say they are out-of-stock and won't be getting any more.
  10. thelonious58
    That shows that they are pretty incompetent sellers, absolutely useless! It looks like the white version always costs an extra £10 for some reason but unless you are absolutely set on getting the black version, that might be the only way to go. I hope you get what you are looking for
  11. Lohb
    Andy at Cayin saves the day. I have a lead for a UK based seller from him.
    I already know how great this little amp is as a previous owner, its actually for a friend to power LZ IEMs and Fostex T50RP planars.
    This amp really does cover all bases, and its output power is pretty insane give that my Audeze LCD2.1s were only on 50% volume on high gain !..Very hard to drive old school planars....
    Cayin should maybe look at a SE/balanced multibit DAC/Amp combo...I know that would be popular.
  12. thelonious58
    I am glad that you have managed to get the amp. Hard to believe that the seller on Amazon is advertising them as in stock when they're not
  13. Lohb
    Strange days. The seller on ebay and amazon UK tells me they have no Cayin C5 and they have no plans to get anymore.
    I see they continually have the open F/S adverts both on Amazon UK and eBay UK anyway....
    Fire up another email/buying account and place order on amazon UK and it ships.....
  14. bobthebasshead
    Hey I just ordered a Cayin C5 from Amazon with Amazon Prime and I was so excited to get it in just two days, especially on a Sunday. I opened the package right away and plugged it in for a full charge like the manual says to do. I'm using a 5v 2.4A Max adapter and I was under the impression this baby was suppose to be charged after about 4 hours and have indicator lights. It's been over 4 hours now and I don't see a single flashing light. The unit did get a little warm for awhile but then cooled back down. I turned it on to see if it'd work but it doesn't. I hooked my phone up to it while it was charging just to make sure it was getting power and it does start charging my phone so I know power is going through it. What could possibly be wrong with it? Is the battery faulty or does this thing take a million hours to charge the first time? I was hoping to check this thing out tonight. :frowning2:
  15. bobthebasshead
    Ok it's been a couple of more hours and still no cigar or signs of life. Doesn't show any light indication and will not power on, no sound will come out of these things!! I tried plugging my phone into it while it was unplugged from the wall though and it started charging my phone!?! So weird, so it must have some juice in the battery just not enough to power the thing on. Wonder if the battery is bad or maybe a defective unit itself? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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