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The Cayin C5 portable power house.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by dsnuts, Aug 6, 2014.
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  1. Madcat207
    Thankfully, since i have an open mind, i am quite thoroughly enjoying my setup, thank you!  Likewise, from reading this thread, i can see that plenty of other people are as well; its amazing what happens when an open mind gives something a chance. :wink:
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  2. Sennheiser Yo
    when im listening to the cayin c5 connected to my galaxy s5 via otg, the sound sometimes stops for like half a second then keeps playing, its annoying and happens like 3 to 5 times per song. what is the problem? is it possibly my phone? im using the c5 amp/dac
  3. peter123

    Probably better to try here:
  4. vapman
    I used to have a C5 that did this, but was the amp version not the amp/dac one. It ended up going back to Cayin and the Amazon store who sold me mine sent along a replacement. I've had 4 C5's and only one ever had this cutting out issue. Never figured out the cause of it.
  5. amigomatt
    Have you tried keeping the screen active? I found my HRT Microstreamer coming out of my Galaxy Note 4 would start skippin/popping when the screen automatically dimmed. It turned out to be a very annoying Android glitch whereby the CPU gets underclocked when the phone goes into locked mode, rendering it unable to drive the DAC sufficiently to play music continuously. I heard they may have addressed it in later models and Android versions but I'm not absolutely sure about that as I'm on an S7 Edge now so it might be worth looking into. Some folks ended up keeping the screen on permanently on lowest brightness as a workaround but we all know that's not ideal for various reasons.
  6. toughnut
    Why do you need 4 C5?? Quad amping?
  7. vapman
    LOL  not all at the same time of course. Had them at different points. First I had a gold one, then i wanted a black so i sold it, got a black one, that broke so i got a warranty replacement, sold it to try another amp, didn't like the other as much, bought it again. No c5 right now but in my future again possibly.
  8. toughnut
    That's a long journey mate
  9. Sennheiser Yo
    I tried keeping my phone from being locked and it fixed the problem. I set my screen off timer at the highest on my s5 ehich is 10 minutes. Thanks.
  10. vloh
    Hi All,
    There is a Massdrop on this unit. I am thinking to getting a DAC/Amp setup for my iphone 7plus to drive a MSUR650. Do you think this will do the job for a newbie?
  11. Sennheiser Yo
    That is a great deal, I have a c5 amp/dac that I use with my Sennheiser HD600's and Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro 250 ohm. It drives them both with plenty of power to Spair.the sound is great, neutral to slightly warm but it's definitely not bright. The bass boost function works very well with my headphones, I use it with rap usually and it gives the bass just enough more power and does not bleed into the mids at all. It lasts a while on a full battery, I haven't timed exactly how long though. I hope this helped!
  12. teston
    Hi guys, there is something I want to know.
    I have a Stoner Acoustics UD125 with line output at 4.88 Vrms. When I feed the cayin C5 dac with UD125 at maximum volume (line out) then it cause some clipping and distortion. This do not  happen with the JDSLabs cMoyBB. When I lower the output volume of the UD125 (not line out level anymore) then the clipping disappear. I tried my laptop at max volume and it's totally fine.
    Is the c5 dac struggled with high power input swing like 4.88 Vrms?
  13. vloh

    S. Yo, Thank you for the advice. Will join the drop.
  14. Andykong

    The initial design of C5 was to accept a line out signal as input, from official standpoint, we do not recommend using phone out as the source for C5 because of two reasons:

    (1) Line out is limited to 2Vrms or below, but phone out is unlimited, it can be anything between 2Vrms to 15Vrms,
    (2) Most, but not all, phone out will involve analogue amplification (esp. voltage amplification) and volume control and the distortion level is significantly higher then Line out.

    We received a lot of inquiries regarding using C5 with mobile phone and that's why we have introduced the C5DAC for mobile phone connection. We believe C5DAC is a more suitable companion to mobile phone users, and given the mobile application background, we have take the advice from C5 users and scaled down the output of C5DAC to match with latest IEM trends.

    While we have our design assumptions, Cayin has no intention to limit how the products will be used by our customers. We have to aware that C5 and C5DAC was launched before the latest Hi-Fi mobile phone products, so we can't exclude the possibility of a good mobile setup with a modern mobile phone feeding C5 directly. From technical standpoint, we'll advice users to turn down the volume of your mobile phone and let the C5 pick up a clean audio signal so that it can function at its best. In my experience, while this is device dependent, there should be a sweat spot between 50 to 80 (out of 100) in your mobile's phone out,try out different setting and see if you can find the ideal setting for your personal system.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  15. Andykong

    Thank you for joining this drop. The drop was limited to 25 units and it ends very quickly, the response is way beyond our anticipation. We have learned our lesson and will work with Massdrop closely in the future.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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