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The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by adanac061, Apr 8, 2009.
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  1. monsieur-hulot
    [​IMG] see upper my post #3676 ... 45€ , still to sold !
  2. xaval
    Any safe/reversible way of removing this piece to make the driver even more... open?
    Not my cans, just stole them from somewhere on this thread [​IMG]
  3. maniacal71
    I don't think so, but somewhere back in the thread a Russian audiophile opened the outer covers to make them sound more open.
    Regarding an earlier post about the DAC cutting out, the DT48 is a low impedance headphone and may be making the Amp of that DAC overworked due to the higher current pull. my 2 cents. Lower the volume or add an amp like the O2.
  4. maniacal71
    Well it depends on how much the bidder realises the value in them, I for one wouldn't be parting with my Kudelski Nagra version (Silver Cups) anytime soon. The Kudelski that sold for 710 were the black version E or A but highly likely E, the print will get knocked off if not cared for, on the Nagra version, the print is engraved.
  5. xaval
    I'll try and go back on this "little" thread what I can come up with. If it's not reversible somehow I'll just leave it alone. It's best not mess with almost perfection [​IMG]
  6. Headzone
    Sometimes when I listen to the DT48, it sounds like the soundstage was a bit compressed. But then again It might well be my sh**ty recorded music.
    Has anyone tried some plugin that might possibly attempt to bring the DT48 a bit more "space" in the sound? If you know what I mean..
  7. Deep Funk
    The DT48E is a closed headphone and sounds like a closed headphone. What can help is to set the stereo imaging to a wider setting. Rockboxed DAPs have this feature and 120% stereo sound compared to stock 100% stereo sound makes a remarkable difference. Crossfeed and equalizing can help too.
    The DT48A and S-versions can be a different story...
  8. KlaasBaas
    I have a DT48S from 1967, date can be seen if you open them.
    When I was young, say 23 or so, I had a DT48A, the medical lab version (guess 25 Ohm) with the
    round grey pads. Terrible pads as I remember.
    Gave it away or exchanged it with someone, I don't remember.
    But... I never forgot the sound.
    Now I'm 44, a year ago I bought a DT48S with a Tandberg 3000x reel2reel.
    Weird.. when I was 23 I also had a Tandberg 3000x r2r, and with the DT48A.
    65 euro for the both together. A bargain.
    I use my DT48S every day. I leave my AKG K 272 HD on the wall.
    Yes bass is far more available on the AKG, so I left the DT48S on the wall.
    I switched a lot. But now for a year it's only the DT48S.
    It's so precise, so detailed, and for most ... fast...
    Next month a tecnician will have a look at it whether it needs some
    internal cleaning. I think my right can would benefit from it.
    For me the DT48S is the most pleasant headphone.
    If I realy want to enjoy my music it will be with my speakers (Elipson 1303FT).
    On my Sony TA-E86 and TA-N86 from 1979.
  9. maniacal71
    Same here, although i still give my other headphones a chance but its mostly revolving amongst my sets of DT48 A/E/S and the AKG K500. Tonality is important and these cans have it, natural and un-amped instruments sound so real, fast and detailed especially on the violins, but not limiting itself to that instrument.
    Listening to Concertos for Violins - Paganini.
  10. Jacques
    Ditto, my DT48E and K501 sound right compare to my other cans. I mostly listen to acoustic music. 
    Vivaldi: Concerto in D Minor for 2 Violins & Cello, Op. 3, RV 565, "L’Estro Armonico #11" 
  11. judy1992
    I'm curious how the DT48 would sound on a vintage amp from the 70's, and with vinyl. I heard the DT48 sound is taken to another level with NAGRA analog gear.
  12. maniacal71
    Thought i had replied earlier to your question, well I listen to Vinyls on my Lenco L75 and through a Sansui amp, they sound fantastic.
  13. judy1992
    Thanks. Any links to where I can purchase extra pads in the US, or sites in the uk that ship to the US?
  14. Ishcabible
    Email parts@beyerdynamic-usa.com they'll have spares.
    maniacal71 likes this.
  15. BritneySpears
    After having read so much about the DT-48 and considering the fact that the production has ended a few month ago I could not resist and ordered a brand new DT48 E  200 Ohm (it is already no longer listed in most German music equipment online stores).
    UPS delivered them today. I could not hold back and had to unpack them at work. The first pleasant surprise was the lack of flashy packaging. Just a small box with some protective materials. Very professional. The build quality is also every nice. Compared to the DT48E my trusty AKG K702 looks like a fragile plastic toy.
    So far I have spent less than a hour listening to them. I own a Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear amp which is connected to the line-out of my iPod and a Grace Design M 903 DAC/amp connected to my Power Mac, so amp wise I should be doing fine, I think.
    The first thing I noticed is the lack of bass. Listening to rap will probably not be my favorite use case for the DT-48 E. The soundstage also sounds very closed. But after skipping through a few tracks I came across an audio drama and the quality of the vocals are really astonishing. It completely sounds like one is stands in the recording booth next to the voice actors. After that I tried "The Hazards of Love" by "The Decemberists" and was again pleasantly surprised by the quality of the vocals. The lack of bass was also less noticeable than with the rap tracks. I'm currently listening to "Works for Me" by John Scofield and like how its sound (apart from the claustrophobic soundstage. But it is a closed headphone after all). I guess I have to get used to it.
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