1. bluemonkeyflyer

    DT-48S Re-cable to Stereo

    No luck searching the forums for an answer so I'm posting here. I could figure it out by the process of elimination but that would take a lot of extra work. I hope someone who knows will respond.   Which terminal is positive and which is negative?   Thanks  
  2. Rally555

    Beyerdynamic DT48s and Nagra IVS using it to it's full potential

    I've read many posts regarding the DT48s and wanted to share a few pictures pairing the DT48s 25 (OMH) and Nagra IVS working together. I live in San Antonio, TX and do live jazz recordings with the Nagra for the last ten years.  These pictures are of a recent two hour recording of the Trinity...
  3. CrucifixationOfFaith

    Taking apart the (Nagra) DT48S

    Looking for a helping hand in dismantling the Nagras. I have taken a good look at the cups, drivers and I haven't got a slightest clue if such a maneuver is workable.
  4. donunus

    DT250 earpads and the DT48

    Does the dt250 velour pads fit on the dt48? I really want to see how the dt48s sound when using velour pads.   Also if anyone knows of any specific velour or cloth pads that fit the dt48, please let me know :)
  5. milezone


    I ******* love these.
  6. elharvo

    Back to the source.. Nagra III, Beyer DT 48

    Hi everyone! I've been using phones for digital only for the most part. I find the surface noise on vinyl just too intrusive, although on my main system, I only listen to vinyl.... But recently I got into tape! I find 4 track and 2 track tape to be the most pleasing source yet, via speakers or...
  7. secci

    ART Headamp 6 PRO with Beyerdynamic DT 48 200

    Hi,   I have an home studio and I would like to take the best from my Beyerdynamic DT 48 200 headphone. I am thinking to purchase the ART Headamp 6 PRO amp. Is there anybody that tried this coupling with success? Any reason why it should not work? Do you think I could have better bass...
  8. Schoenberg

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 or DT 48 for office use?

    I need a headphone for quiet office.   I am deciding between DT 770 (250 ohm) and DT 48 (200 ohm). I have amps.   I listen to classical music mainly.    
  9. chrismercurio

    DT 48A

    All,   I have a pair of Sony MDR-F1's (nice soundstage, okay resolution, HIGH noise floor), Sony MDR-SA5000's (okay soundstage, good resolution, HIGH noise floor, microphonic cable) and Etymotic HF3's (IEM Soudstage, good resolution, low noise floor, microphonic cable). In the past I have...
  10. AzraelDarkangel

    Anyone retrofit Beyer gel pads to the DT48?

  11. KlaasBaas

    Beyer DT-48S (driver) cleaning

    When I was young (say mid 80's) I had a DT 48 A with the round grey earpads. Amazing sound, but traded it for a Sennheiser 414 or so, bad trade.   For 4 months now I got a 1967 DT48S (25 Ohm). Amazing, I got that sound back.!! I got myself a new pair of oval earpads for it.   My...
  12. Dubwicht

    The Emperor's New Clothes

    CONCLUSION   Like the Emperor's New Clothes, many people let themselves be conned into believing that a higher truth exists, even if they cannot hear it. There is no disputing that hearing can be improved with practice and that you can learn to recognize detail, but that is certainly not the...
  13. lejaz

    Help needed with LD mkV and low impedance headphones

    I just picked up a set of Beyer dt48 that are 25ohms. I think the LD mkV was designed for higher impedance headphones. I have a 300ohm impedance adapter a friend made for me. The dt48 definitely has better bass when I use the adapter as opposed to just plugging into the mkV. Does anyone know...
  14. The KoNE

    Need help selecting studio headphones

    Hey,        I'm putting together a little home studio with some friends. We got some investment coming in and I need to select a pair of production headphones. I used to know what was what about five years ago, but a whole lot has changed since then.        Here's the deal. We do mostly...
  15. adanac061

    The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

    WHATS THIS ??? HURRAY ... DT48 e 25 Ohm .. First Impressions .. This is indeed a special headphone for a niche market, it really is amazing to think these were first made in the early 50's..!! They really are from another world. Build: Essentially bulletproof, if...
  16. Beyerdynamic NAGRA DT48S

    Beyerdynamic NAGRA DT48S

    The NAGRA DT48S was the first Hi Fi stereo headphone released to the general public in the mid 50's. & is a modified version of the original DT48 which was made in 1937.